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03 January 2020


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Eric Newhill

Actually, I think Babylonia was in Iraq. So many emotionally wrought assumptions and self-hatred regarding this situation. Soleimani gets all the benefit of doubt and Trump is a murderous maniac just because.

Who cares who was "civilized" first? What bearing does that - or the US Iraq invasion for that matter - have on the present situation in which the US embassy was under attack and may have been targeted for more serious future attacks (along with other US assets and personnel)? I ask again if you are fine with the MENA burning due to Iranian aggression. Those are big questions and I don't think the answers are as simple as you want them to be. Of course you can pretend that Soleimani wasn't looking to expand Iranian influence and control over the MENA, but then you'd be disconnected from reality, if that matters to you.

BTW, Your mother really named you "fasteddiez"? "Newhill" is just a handle. The people that have last names like my real one formed the first Christian nation in the MENA - in the world to be exact -and they have suffered as martyrs for it up to present. Many relatives came to the US from Lebanon and Syria in the 70s and some distant ones still live in those places. I don't think that makes my opinion any more or less valid, but it may shed some light on the dangers of making assumptions and arguing by irrelevancies, as you did. Thanks for the lecture, though.


Soleimani was the commander of the Quds Force of the IRGC, not the whole IRGC. It is a common thing to use a general on a diplomatic mission.

Roberto Pires Silveira

lol.It seems that Thucydides was a species of Greek Nostradamus ...

Roberto Pires Silveira

I just read your last book. Thankful.


A military draft for men and women ages 18-40 would focus their facts real fast. Or we can continue to be Israel's slush fund for all its 911 Wars to eliminate the zionists' M.E opponents.


Not so convoluted. Russia, China, IRAN all owned by the same cabal.
Carroll Quigley "Tragedy & Hope".
Lays it out like a master

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