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14 January 2020


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This is 100% true, LeaNder. The Democrats, actually, were like the present-day Tea Party until 1910.


FACTOID: the terms Red State and Blue State were invented in 2000 by TV broadcasters to indicate Republican and Democrat, respectively. New shiny CGI toys.


When were civics classes stopped? Anyone know?


Cruz is a constitutional expert, supposedly. He is lusting to add his John Henry to constitutional changes. He's running on the idea. (He worked for a couple of Supreme Court justices, I think.)


Thanks Pat, yes, that's it. Fact is my knowledge of American history is much more limited then the British.

I surely once knew. But really I need more knowledge in the context.

r whitman

You and your machine gun are not going to stop 10 million Mexican peasants from invading the New Arizona Republic as soon as its declared.



The New Arizona Republic? Hilarious. If this convention breaks the country apart your republic won't have enough water for you to wipe your behind. You won't have to worry about anyone trying to get in.


Again no. If they leave me alone to live my life as I see fit I will give them the same in return; however, as you, I and history all know that's not their style.


alba etie,

The Austinites are a different breed from most in that area - that's for sure.

If we assume this constitutional convention breaks the country apart then those in LaPorte/Deer Park as well as many others in the areas where the plants are located will have to make some hard decisions. Those plants are located along the Gulf Coast because of its proximity to deep water. To move those goods (especially overseas) requires banking/shipping as well. Those banking/shipping facilities are mostly located in 'blue' states and those of us along the coast are more dependent on them than many in the interior of the country may be. If we don't side with the 'blue' states then I think we all know the ports and petrochemical facilities will be blockaded. Obviously, this is all hypothetical but there is a distinct reason the Houston-Galveston area tends to be 'blue' while the rest of the state (outside Austin of course) tends 'red'. As I said before, we simply have more in common with a New York or Los Angeles than we do with Des Moines.



I would argue with the proposition that the media is 'left' on domestic issues.


Find out who got those jobs



Good thing you are already armed. Obama's out to rile us up again:

I loved the segway from "illegal gun runners" to comments about Sandy Hook.


Alba Etie, On the DUH part: I wasn't trying to be a wise ass. I spent seventeen years in Houston, although I was not a fer real Texian, not having been born there. When I arrived, I stayed at the Robert E. Lee appartment complex on Chimney Rock. This was the the edge of the suburbs at the time, as there was a small cattle spread a stone's throw away. Because of the city's exploding growth, I now understand that this is another bad neighborhood.

Houston was the first large city to elect a gay female to mayor. Also, I well remember mayor Tootsie.


Fred, You are right, I hates me some illegal gun runners, I heard Maryland is a leading locale for such hanky panky. Everyone Knows that the Feds are the duly recognized, and the Deputy Dawg certified Lashup with the authority to run Guns. I bet they're running said products and their attendant ammo to Lviv and Kiev, as we scribble. I hope those weapons are slathered with orange colored cosmoline.

On the subject of freedom besotted gun runners using Segways to import firearms to the good folk of Sandy Hook; this is clearly not practical, nor cost effective. It would be better to take a cigarette boat from Long Island Sound, and North, up the Housatonic river To Sandy Hook/Newtown. Segways are just not known for their Hauling capabilities.

Well, I better end here, with my seemingly non-sensical screeds, afore I segue into another soliloquy.


Tyler wrote:

'I will prove my non-racist creds by making sure to machine gun the white economic refugees trying to cross the All American Canal in Yuma with their Whole Food bags full of organic, locally sourced produce high above their head to the exclusion of all others. The browns and the blacks didn't make a mess of what is going to be the Progressive People's Republic of California - they got bamboozled! they done got hoodwinked!

I'll call my 240B light machine gun "Affirmative Action".'

Yes, it is me that is filled with contempt and condescension. What is it with you and this guy?



You did put some humor into that one.


R Whitman,

1.) You'd be hard pressed to find 10 million Mexican peasants who have that much gumption.

2) We have our own 10 million Mexicans who are smart enough to know that another 10 million of their countrymen is just going to make things worst. They know the score.

3) The crack troops of the New Arizona Republic (picture here: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/252/a/a/brotherhood_of_steel_old_world_flag_by_crimsondaeva-d4ubole.jpg) are more than a match for any amount of peons whipped up by the likes of Jorge Cruz.



Yeah no kidding. Its not like BPA Brian Terry wasn't killed by a gun running operation.

Oh wait it was.

alba etie

That small cattle spread may have been part of the larger Fondren Ranch holding .We first lived first on Navarro Street not far from the Robert E Lee apartments. Hunted bobwhites with the family bird dog out of our backyard on Ettrick Street further south and west from there. Watch the same type of growth overtake Central Texas. I just do not see any part of Texas succesfully seceding from Texas should we secede from the Union . All highly hypothetical - but I am a native son so my opinion may matter in this type of discussion .

r whitman

The New Arizona Republic is ground zero for the Reconquista.


I figured it was so tongue in cheek with references to "Whole Food bags full of organic, locally sourced produce high above their head" that it wasn't going to be taken seriously, but looks like it got a deleted.

Way to ruin a good time, GCP. You're a blast at parties I'm sure.



Lmbo yeah okay.

The 60s were 50 years ago. Let's talk about people losing their livelihood for not supporting the current Progressive Cult of today and trying to start hot wars with nuclear powers over tranny rights.



You spelt "California" weird there.



Well I was trying to extend an olive branch but now you're not getting amnestied.


Tyler wrote:

'You're a blast at parties I'm sure.'

I've already used a similar line on you multiple times. Try to come up with something unique to yourself - if you are capable.

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