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25 January 2020


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Elora Danan

This is magic...this is beauty...this is when you team up to marvel and amaze the world...

KobeĀ“s play for World Heritage!



Andrei Martyanov

The Borg will send it's minions to disrupt any public forum that attempts to shine a light on it's doings.

Especially when those minions are of all people... Hungarian communists who attacked my blog the moment I posted about Greta Thunberg needing urgent psychiatric help and the theory of anthropogenic global warming was called what it is--a BS. Man, did I have a comment section filled with Hungarian Communists, LOL. I am not kidding. But yes, they will send minions be those Hungarian communists or Swedish multi-genderists, or Hasbara, or you name it.

different clue

Andrei Martyanov,

I have just now realized you have a blog. I have just barely begun to read it.

I gather that signing up to comment requires either Discus which I learned to dislike during its short-term period of experimental use here . . . or two Social Media outlets which I don't exist on. Or GoogleSpy which also I don't like.

Oh well . . . picky picky picky I guess.

different clue

I am glad to see a lot of comments again be visible without having to click to increase for every next comment, one by one by one.

I notice that the " X wrote in response to Y " functionality is still not restored. And I wonder if that is in itself an experiment to see if the absence of that functionality results in lower and slower buildup of backbite and bicker than the direct ability of commenters to respond to eachother may well have led to.

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