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19 December 2019


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Schiff's evil plan.

Get rid of Trump, get rid of Pence, kick Nancy upstairs to the White House, and he Adam Schiff gets to be Speaker of the House. Under incumbent Nancy Pelosi's 2020 Democrat POTUS victory.


Silenced 100% is mere mention of the CROWDSTRIKE part of the phone call. The most curious aspect of this all - hidden well behind the Democrat impeachment smoke screen.

Which is de facto proof CROWDSTRIKE must be key to the Democrat's latest attack of TDS apoplexy.


Time to eliminate paid CHRISTMAS (aka holiday) vacation for all federal or any other government workers.

What is the point of a mid-winter paid time off? We are not a nation of neo-pagans now that officially we are not a "Christian" nation either.

Put those kids back in school and keep the offices of government burning their lights the entire month of December.


Andrew Wang is not rich - his net worth is only about $100K, mainly his home, I believe. Who is funding him? He is a breath of fresh air. He needs a better role than being a Democrat apologist.


OT. Last time I checked, Albemarle County, VA -- Thomas Jefferson's home, had not declared itself a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City, but every Virginia county touching Albemarle had done so.

If push-comes-to-shove, will the Scotts-Irish who surround Albemarle (whose county seat is Charlottesville) defend the city that failed to defend its founder's commitment to free speech,* or will they let the reprobates fend for themselves?

* Integrity First for America determined to "crush" and "bankrupt" participants in Charlottesville protest

and "change history"

different clue

The Democratic House has probably poisoned the well for Election 2020. If the supporters of Sanders/Warren/Gabbard can beat and defeat the Democratic Convention into nominating a ticket of some combination of 2 of those 3 people, Trump's victory might be limited to 35 or so States. If the Democratic Convention nominates two of its hardy perennials, Trump will win 40-45 States.

If the Convention is Brokerised to give us Buttigieg for President and Wise Elder Biden for Vice President ( again), Trump will win somewhere between 43-46 States. If the Brokered Convention decides to re-nominate the Clinton yet again, I could imagine Trump winning 47 or more States.

Of course that's just Muh Feelz at this particular moment.


"Let's play chess!"


This looks like a way to save face and spin an inevitable defeat in the Senate. The calculation seems to be that lathering up a Bad Bad Senate Republicans narrative in some new months-long drama will work their to advantage, but it's difficult to see how that is supposed to work since the longer impeachment is in the public eye the less support it has. If Pelosi really wants to pick a fight with McConnell over process after that fiasco in the House, it only shows her profound lack of self-awareness.

different clue

Well . . . the COW left certainly won't win it. And since we will likely get either a COW left nominee or a hardy perennial holdover like Biden, the DemParty won't win the Midwest.

Or more specifically, what Michael Moore called the Brexit States. A COW leftist or a hardy perennial might well win Minnesota. But that's only one Midwest State.


Peter Thiel. Yang is worth more than 100k.

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