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08 December 2019


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فی امان اﷲ


Best wishes, Sir.

Hope you feel better soon.

Ray R

Good luck with the surgery, Pat. You'll come through fine. Rest assured you'll be in Mary Jane and my prayers for a speedy recovery.


Speaking of Brilliant -- I had cataract surgery on both eyes on a Tuesday and drove myself to post-op check-up on Wednesday. The surgeon was a Navy veteran who'd done the procedure thousands of times with never a bad outcome.

In my case, the only bad outcome was that a face that I had thought still passably youthful was suddenly lined with wrinkles and blotches. But color reappeared in the yard, street signs became readable, and the world an overall brighter place.

I wish the same for you, Col. Lang, minus the wrinkles.


Pat - You deserve the break - our prayers are with you.


Les turcopoles devrait s'occuper des trolls...
Turcopolier can't quit as long as there are either turcopoles or pilgrims..
Bonne chance !



Oh for goodness sakes - a tiger story? I have a good elephant story, but you, of course, have a tiger story. Darn it.

Kilo 4/11

Better late than never, the saying goes, so I've finally put something in your rice bowl. Not in time to contribute to operating costs; let's call it a parting gift, in gratitude for service rendered. It will be a grimmer world without your lethal wit, sir.

Vaya con Dios.



Best wishses for a speedy recovery!


It is only a good elephant story if it happens in Alabama.



Tiger Story - Six SF guys walk five kilometers through heavy bush from the SF camp at Bu Dop. They are walking to the Cambodian border. They reach the edge of a wood that overlooks a main road running NE-SW that carries a lot of NVA truck traffic. They sit down just inside the wood to watch and count. One of them, a captain who had been visiting Bu Dop and who was invited along as a "straphanger," sits with his back to a tree, his teammates are scattered in a line with thirty yards between the men The captain watches for a while in the gathering dusk. He hears movement to his right and watches a six foot long tiger walk into his field of vision on the right. The cat stands looking at the truck movement from just inside the woodlice. The cat sits. After a bit the cat becomes aware of the man and turns to look at him. They are about ten yards apart. The captain whispers "Nice kitty..." and then taps on the stock of his M-16. The cat turns and walks back into the woods as the captain watches it go.

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