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22 December 2019


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Life appointment & still trembling. This is what sits guard over our Constitutional rights?
Aux armes, citoyens...

blue peacock

Col. Lang

As you have noted previously that in your experience as an expert witness in court proceedings, you have seen instances wherein law enforcement did not abide by the intent of the law.

The problem is that the judiciary has also by and large been corrupted. Some years ago I contested a moving violation. During my presentation to the court, I showed the judge facts and photographic evidence that buttressed my argument that the cop could not have visually observed me from the location that he said he saw me. The judge dismissed my argument and held me guilty of the moving violation purely on the basis as he said, that the cop would not willfully make a false deposition.

In this case all Judge Collyer has done is send strongly worded letters. She has not proactively initiated reviews of all FISA applications with the intent for the court to personally verify all the affidavits and evidence. So those that have had the most secretive and intrusive surveillance placed not only on them but anyone they have been in contact with have no redress. This makes a complete mockery of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of our Constitution.

The judiciary is by large in cahoots with law enforcement to scalp ordinary people who don't have the resources to contest willful wrongdoing by the government.

Trump could have done some good here for the rule of law by declassifying all the documents relating to Spygate. That would have at least provided some sunshine, even if nothing came of it. The American people, at least those interested, would have seen how corrupt & deceitful the national security state apparatus is in reality. Maybe a few Americans would then change their opinion that we should not be giving unfettered powers to the state organs of security to operate in the dark and violate the constitutional rights of American citizens with impunity.

In this regard Trump is just like them all. Another con man as TTG calls him. Such a disgrace!


Who does Judge Collyer think she's fooling? I'm so glad she's been called out and MOCKED for the ruler rap on the knuckles she gave the FBI instead of filing charges of CONTEMPT OF COURT, for crying out loud. Maybe she's been influenced too much by nuns. It's THEIR prerogative to forgive and forget, not hers.


Methinks Rosemary does not want to lose her FISA court baby. After all a 99% approval rate is quite good enough for government work, considering her own stellar skill set for this highly sensitive task - having been a former member of the NLRB. Now that the FISA court itself is up for renewal, Rosemary just woke up and is scrambling to look both productive and virtuously petulant.



Is Barr little more than an Establishment Con-Man running a scam on Trump and the rest of us? Why hasn't their been indictments, he has hard evidence of criminal behavior that spans into the 100s of individuals that are all tied to the Establishment's attempt to take down Trump. Former Federal Prosecutor DiGenova has even documented some of it and nobody seems to be listening.

I want hard indictments by Barr, I want him to get off his AG duff and do something 'concrete' spelled hard indictments that bring the FBI 20 plus to criminal court for starters. It's time to put the Establishment crooks in federal prison orange, no more playing around.

I have one message for AG Barr -- do your job, put the Establishment crooks in federal prison and stop playing around. Or are you just another Establishment scam-artist?

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