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10 December 2019


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Very interesting, Elmo. This could explain the very curious treatment of the very word Crowdstrike and why the Democrats went apoplectic when Trump raised the topic of Crowdstrike again in his Ukraine phone call.

Yet went out of the way to not even mention is, other than refer obliquely to Crowdstrike as some over-wrought, thoroughly debunked, right wing nut case conspiracy theory.

LJ has been ahead of the game with the DNC break-in from the very beginning and the bogus Crowdstrike "conclusions" that now two federal agencies have passed off as fact - but with still absolutely no supporting evidence.

Mifsud was never mentioned again for years and claimed even to be dead. Crowdstrike was struck from any further discussions, including attacks on anyone who dared bring them up .....the dogs that did not bark .....

And now Debbie Wasserpoodle, the center of the Crowdstrike DNC computer fiasco, is out braying in the wind again, in full throated attack.

None of this is passing a smell test to those of us out west - out of the DC bubble.

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