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10 December 2019


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I am a retired public school teacher, and I absolutely detest the NEA. It's done more to dumb down our public schools than any other group. I would also blame the colleges and universities that push out graduates with teaching credentials. Rarely now do they expect that teachers know anything about the content hey should be teaching, only that they are aware of the psycho-babble and untested theories put out by the "education" departments.

When I began teaching in the early 70's, we looked to our content association. For me at the time it was the National Council of Teachers of English. We didn't yet have an NEA.

That changed pretty quickly however. Soon it was all about the NEA.

Think of the fact that Bill Ayers is or was (not sure if he has retired yet) a well-respected professor of "Education."

I keep saying it: If you are the parent of a school-age child, find a charter school, private school, or a good home-school program instead.

One of my best friends who taught with me at the community college and college level, adopted a Chinese baby girl when the Chinese had their "one child" policy.

That girl is now only 16 and is entering the local community college. Each time she was required to go into a public school to take state-mandated tests, she scored in the 98th percentile. She and her home-school friends took physical education in the local recreation district, music with the local symphony, band, and choir, and art with the local arts district.

This is common for homes-schooled students.

My cousin did the same for her two children, but she did it for religious reasons. Still, she followed a national program for home schooling. They earned their HS diplomas and went straight into programs for earning a certificate for specific work. One was trained to work as a dental hygienist and the other to do HVAC work. They are doing well now supporting themselves.

None of these children I have mentioned are for socialism, communism, radical feminism, or any of the other "isms" of the current progressives.

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