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10 December 2019


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For your consideration:

I posit that the original plan was to bait PapaD with the "dirt on Hillary" dangle, PapaD relays the dangle to campaign officials, and if campaign officials told him to pursue the dirt, he'd go back to Mifsud and say: "my bosses want to hear more details on the Russian offer." Mifsud reports that to his handler, and the people scheming this set about to catch a high level Trump campaign official colluding with Russian government "to interfere in the election," which gets them a predicate for an FBI investigation and an ensuing FISA warrant to spy on the campaign.

When that failed to materialize after dangling the lure in front of PapaD, they had to improvise to get "the predicate" some other way. The claim that the Russians hacked the DNC emails, combined with the reiteration of "the dangle" by PapaD to Downer, was the other way.

The people running this scheme orchestrate the exfiltration of emails from the DNC, and blame it on the Russians. CrowdStrike, which had already been inside the DNC computer network for months related to the Bernie campaign improper access of Hillary data, was perfectly positioned to either plant malware that could plausibly be blamed on Russians, or serendipitously found such malware already residing on the DNC computer system, in latter part of April, 2016. This, along with doctoring server logs, completes the Russian attribution scam on the DNC network side by CrowdStrike.

Meanwhile, somebody calling themselves Guccifer 2.0 is given a number of Podesta emails and attachments, which are dutifully uploaded to the web in early June, but not before several attachment get hamfisted meta-data editting and massaging, to embed painfully obvious "Russian fingerprints" all over the documents, and contacts numerous media outlets to call attention to the uploads. Within a few days, the Russian metadata is noticed, and publicly reported, and, along with the WP news story quoting CrowdStrike's Russian email hacking attribution, the Russian attribution for the exfiltration of DNC emails to wikileaks is complete. This gave the FBI the cover they so desperately needed to NOT bothering to subpoena the DNC servers and give them an independent forensic anal probing.

Note that Guccifer 2.0 is critical to establishing the predication for the future FBI investigation of the Trump campaign regarding suspicions it is colluding with the Russians who are "interfering with the 2016 election," specifically putting the final metadata touches on the "Potemkin Village" fake Russian attribution for the email "hacking," bolstering the CrowdStrike attribution report, and giving the FBI the excuse it needed to not examine the DNC servers.

And all of this is part of something that screams "Plan B" to provide a predicate for the FBI to open a CI investigation, and use it spy on Trump campaign people via a very intrusive and very secret FISA warrant. Plan B was necessitated when the dangle to PapaD failed to elicit follow-up by Trump campaign people to try to contact Russians about "Hillary dirt" they might have. So instead, PapaD's casual throw-away regurgitation of the dangle about Russian dirt on Hillary blabbed to the Australian Ambassador to Britain in early May is then used after the wikileaks emails are released in July to become McCabe's "tipping point" to open the CH investigation, and start lining up FISA warrants for Carter Page, which was clearly a set-up in itself.

This is how you can tell Guccifer 2.0 was part of the conspiracy, and not some boastful Russian intel weenie.

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