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10 December 2019


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DOJ now says it can't respond to a Jusicial Watch FOIA request pertaining to the Democrat-serving Pakistani computer experts, the Awan brothers and assorted family members. Debbie Wasserpoodle ran protection for her House computer buddies. But their House employment was finally terminated in Feb 2017, and they were allowed to leave the country, with bundles of cash.

DOJ now claims Ca "technical difficulties" prevent document production to Judicial Watch. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/deep-state-doj-tells-judicial-watch-it-cant-produce-documents-on-imran-awan-due-to-technical-difficulties/

Is there any connection between the DNC leaks, Crowdstrike and the Pakistani Awan brothers? Can anyone in the high tech media world help the DOJ get beyond their "technical difficulties" in this legally requested document production?

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