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10 December 2019


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I think you left out one important date:

July 30, 2016. (A Saturday by the way) Ohrs meet with christopher Steele, who provides them with a few initial reports of what would eventually become the dossier

Then July 31, (a Sunday) the investigation is opened

There is also some mystery about the dates and timing of downer’s info getting to the us. This guardian piece says the FBI agents summariized their findings on August 2.

After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an FBI interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos,” the paper reports.
'It was a bad idea': music publicist was unlikely fixer of Trump Tower meeting
“The agents summarised their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation.”


I don’t have a lot of expertise on this element so maybe I’m missing something there.

I always thought the weekend nature of this last part was revealing.

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