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10 December 2019


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English Outsider

Just ought to say to this - "If it does not bother you to learn that the FBI repeatedly and deliberately deceived the FISA court into granting it permission to spy on a U.S. citizen in the middle of a presidential campaign, then it is virtually certain that you are either someone with no principles, someone who cares only about partisan advantage and nothing about basic civil liberties and the rule of law, or both."

You bet it bothers me. Not as much as running Jihadis into Syria to wreck a country, or using Right Sector street fighters in Kyiv to effect a coup but yes, it bothers me.

But just as witnessing a crime does not make one party to it, attempting to understand the circumstances in which this conspiracy went forward does not mean one approves or condones what was done.

Three years ago the British government failed to disavow a scurrilous and well publicised attack on a new US President. That's a little more than just a minor diplomatic hitch. As the possibility of an innocent explanation for that failure recedes ever further, I reckon the implications of that should bother quite a few people either side of the Atlantic.

ex PFC Chuck

Judge Sullivan did not rule in the way you predicted, Larry. Can this be appealed now? Or will the lower court process have to run to completion?


Keith Harbaugh

As EZ observed in his two questions at the beginning of his comment above:

A very key issue is how Papad got introduced to Mifsud and Downer.
The answer is significant, involving a curious change in attitude,
as Papad explains in his 2019 book
Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump.
The following presents some relevant excerpts from that book (emphasis is added):

In very early 2016, while working for an outfit called Energy Stream, Papad writes:
“I am approached by a man named Nagi Khlaid Idris who offers me a position at the London Centre of International Law Practice”. (p. 27)
Papad takes the ICILP position.

While there, Papad emails the Trump campaign, seeking a position,
which gets a positive response, pending a Skype interview.
He tells his colleagues at LCILP about the good news:

I notify Nagi that it is likely I’ll be joining the Trump campaign.
Nagi’s warm, “you are a star” attitude toward me immediately shifts.
“What are you thinking? Why would you do this?”
The hostility is palpable and leaves me confused.

Then another London Centre Director, Peter Dovey, drops by [and] rips into me:
“This is very bad. You should not be working with Trump.
He’s a threat to society. He’s a racist. He’s anti-Muslim. (p. 34)
In the interview, Papad impresses his interviewer, Samuel Clovis and is offered a position with the Trump campaign.
Papad records the reaction at ICILP:
Nagi comes by my office again.
His attitude has suddenly changed.
It’s a night-and-day difference.
He starts telling me there is someone I have to meet,
a very important person who will be very useful to me during my time with Trump.
I remember Nagi telling me,
“He’s a man who knows many people.”
(p. 36)

The introduction occurs a few days later (on March 12, 2016), during a trip of Idris, Papad, etc. to Link Campus Univ. in Rome.
Papad writes about what happens there:

I’m sitting in a conference room when Nagi Idris approaches.
At his side is a well-dressed man in his mid-fifties.
“George,” Nagi says.
“This is Professor Joseph Mifsud,, and you should talk.”

Joseph Mifsud is the man Nagi had planned for me to meet,
the man Nagi had asked Arvinder Sambei to contact,
and the man Nagi had portrayed as a major player,
a guy with diplomatic experience and extensive contacts. (p. 39)

Papad, et al. then return to London, where
“[Nagi Idris] tells me I’m going to meet Putin’s niece.” (p. 41)
This seems to be where that fictitious person entered Papad’s consciousness.

Papad’s introduction to Downer is equally arranged, just by different people, two people named Erika Thompson (who worked for Downer) and her friend Christian Cantor (who worked for the Israeli government) (p. 71).
The relations were Papad -> Cantor -> Thompson -> Downer.
This introduction was not at the volition of Papad,
but desired by the intermediate two.

Now for some dates and details:
The events described above occured in March-May 2016.
Papad was interviewed by the FBI on 2017-01-27, the interview which led to the charges against him.
Relevant government documents are:
2017-07-28 Complaint https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.189898.1.0.pdf
2017-10-06 STATEMENT OF OFFENSE (includes his guilty plea) https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.189898/gov.uscourts.dcd.189898.19.0_2.pdf
These give exactly the government’s version of what Papad said to them, and what they allege to be the true facts.
Then, in March 2019, Papad published his book,
from which the above excerpts were taken.
(The page numbers are from the print edtion; they are different from those in the apple edition from which LJ quoted in his 2019-04-22 post, "Mueller's Lies About George Papadopolous").
Anyhow, the point is that Papad had over a year to reconcile the government’s version of what he said with his memory.

It seems a central point is gaining information about Nagi Khlaid Idris and the London Centre of International Law Practice.
Also, to a lesser extent, Christian Cantor and Erika Thompson.
Anybody have information about at least the first two?

Keith Harbaugh

This seems to be an excellent analysis of the Page FISA application by a 22-year FBI agent:

"Two Possibilities in Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good"
By Frank Watt, American Thinker, 2019-12-27

A sample:

The implications of intercepting the communications of a U.S. citizen who is associated with the political campaign of a candidate seeking the presidency rings nearly every "bell" in the FBIs and Attorney General's Guidelines for sensitive investigations.

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