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10 December 2019


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The IG report doesn't add up. It CAN'T add up, with so much omitted/ignored/overlooked, as outlined above.

There was never a "defensive briefing" either to alert Trump to possible Russian infiltration. IMO this is so telling.

And why withhold exculpatory evidence from the FISC judges and worse, MATERIALLY ALTER an email reporting that Carter Page was an IC asset, if not for nefarious purposes FFS?

More and more, I subscribe to the suspicion that Trump was already being spied upon before these pretexts were created, and that the Title 1 FISA warrants obtained were to provide cover for it (and more). Now that I think about it, it sounds an awful lot like an "insurance policy" to me. In Page/Stzok texts they both express alarm about the possibility of a President Trump at least as far back as March, 2016. It's hard to believe their alarm wasn't shared by others also in the top tier at the FBI who were banking on Clinton's victory.

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