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10 December 2019


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The IG report doesn't add up. It CAN'T add up, with so much omitted/ignored/overlooked, as outlined above.

There was never a "defensive briefing" either to alert Trump to possible Russian infiltration. IMO this is so telling.

And why withhold exculpatory evidence from the FISC judges and worse, MATERIALLY ALTER an email reporting that Carter Page was an IC asset, if not for nefarious purposes FFS?

More and more, I subscribe to the suspicion that Trump was already being spied upon before these pretexts were created, and that the Title 1 FISA warrants obtained were to provide cover for it (and more). Now that I think about it, it sounds an awful lot like an "insurance policy" to me. In Page/Stzok texts they both express alarm about the possibility of a President Trump at least as far back as March, 2016. It's hard to believe their alarm wasn't shared by others also in the top tier at the FBI who were banking on Clinton's victory.


Prejudice - Orange Man Bad - was the predicate.



I never vote for a candidate from the two parties for president. I don’t like Trump as a person. However, I like that he’s not started another war and that he’s taken on the Chinese Communists exploitation of our market and forcing decoupling and that he wants better relations with Russia and wants to dent illegal immigration. I don’t like his obsequiousness of the Al Sauds and the Israelis.

But...Spygate and the Russia hoax mindlessly parroted by the media and this sham impeachment is outrageous. It tears at my sense of what our constitutional republic ought to be. I will break my long held tradition and vote for him next year as a giant FU.

Having said that, for the life of me I can’t get his hires. Gina Haspel, John Bolton, Rosenstein, Wray, Pompeo. It’s like he went straight to the vipers den. I also can’t get why he’s not gone after the coup plotters hard and declassified it all.

What’s the pound of flesh that crooked Mitch is gonna demand? He says the impeachment trial will not have any witnesses. The House can make their case and Trump’s lawyers can rebut. Then the Senate will vote. What’s that about? The whole system is so damn crooked!


April, 2016: Mifsud contacts Papadopolus -claims Russians have dirt on Clinton to help Trump
May 6, 2016: Downer-Papadopolus bar conversation - Russians have dirt on Clinton

June 14, 2016: WaPo reports CROWDSTRIKE concluded the Russians hacked DNC computers
July 22, 2016: Wikileaks publishes DNC computer files, embarrassing to Clinton

July 26, 2016: Downer reports to London FBI about Papadopolus conversation Downer (Final straw)

July 27, 2016: FBI agents contact London FBI office (Haspel)
July 31, 2016: FBI opens secret Crossfire Hurricane to investigate Trump-Russia links (FBI Final Straw)


Democrats relentless politics of personal destruction do make it hard for Trump to hire or appoint. Few want to be under relentless Democrat attack, just to get a government job and probably career killer once the Democrats get done with them.

Democrats are going after Betty DeVos next - she dared to take on the powerful Democrat teachers unions. Have Betty's back - and don't blame Trump - he is heroically holding up and holding this country together, while the powerful Democrat public sector unions want to rip it apart - and devour the spoils for themselves.


Sorry. Don’t buy that excuse. There’s plenty of people who haven’t spent their lives in the DC Swamp who would take the job. But...neither is Trump a great person to work for. I wouldn’t want to work for a guy like him.

Elmo Zoneball

For your consideration:

I posit that the original plan was to bait PapaD with the "dirt on Hillary" dangle, PapaD relays the dangle to campaign officials, and if campaign officials told him to pursue the dirt, he'd go back to Mifsud and say: "my bosses want to hear more details on the Russian offer." Mifsud reports that to his handler, and the people scheming this set about to catch a high level Trump campaign official colluding with Russian government "to interfere in the election," which gets them a predicate for an FBI investigation and an ensuing FISA warrant to spy on the campaign.

When that failed to materialize after dangling the lure in front of PapaD, they had to improvise to get "the predicate" some other way. The claim that the Russians hacked the DNC emails, combined with the reiteration of "the dangle" by PapaD to Downer, was the other way.

The people running this scheme orchestrate the exfiltration of emails from the DNC, and blame it on the Russians. CrowdStrike, which had already been inside the DNC computer network for months related to the Bernie campaign improper access of Hillary data, was perfectly positioned to either plant malware that could plausibly be blamed on Russians, or serendipitously found such malware already residing on the DNC computer system, in latter part of April, 2016. This, along with doctoring server logs, completes the Russian attribution scam on the DNC network side by CrowdStrike.

Meanwhile, somebody calling themselves Guccifer 2.0 is given a number of Podesta emails and attachments, which are dutifully uploaded to the web in early June, but not before several attachment get hamfisted meta-data editting and massaging, to embed painfully obvious "Russian fingerprints" all over the documents, and contacts numerous media outlets to call attention to the uploads. Within a few days, the Russian metadata is noticed, and publicly reported, and, along with the WP news story quoting CrowdStrike's Russian email hacking attribution, the Russian attribution for the exfiltration of DNC emails to wikileaks is complete. This gave the FBI the cover they so desperately needed to NOT bothering to subpoena the DNC servers and give them an independent forensic anal probing.

Note that Guccifer 2.0 is critical to establishing the predication for the future FBI investigation of the Trump campaign regarding suspicions it is colluding with the Russians who are "interfering with the 2016 election," specifically putting the final metadata touches on the "Potemkin Village" fake Russian attribution for the email "hacking," bolstering the CrowdStrike attribution report, and giving the FBI the excuse it needed to not examine the DNC servers.

And all of this is part of something that screams "Plan B" to provide a predicate for the FBI to open a CI investigation, and use it spy on Trump campaign people via a very intrusive and very secret FISA warrant. Plan B was necessitated when the dangle to PapaD failed to elicit follow-up by Trump campaign people to try to contact Russians about "Hillary dirt" they might have. So instead, PapaD's casual throw-away regurgitation of the dangle about Russian dirt on Hillary blabbed to the Australian Ambassador to Britain in early May is then used after the wikileaks emails are released in July to become McCabe's "tipping point" to open the CH investigation, and start lining up FISA warrants for Carter Page, which was clearly a set-up in itself.

This is how you can tell Guccifer 2.0 was part of the conspiracy, and not some boastful Russian intel weenie.


We don't want any more swamp dwellers. Show me any POTUS boss who was easy to work for - Valerie Jarrett herself was called the NightStalker, and the real pants in the Obama WH. Time to move more of the federal agencies out of DC. And groom a far less swampy farm club.


Less than five days elapsed before the full powers of the US government were unleashed against the Trump campaign, based upon an uncorroborated bar conversation: July 26- Downer/FBI meet; July 31- FBI Crossfire Hurricane begins.

Does that pass the FBI due diligence test for an investigation at this level of gravitas?

Or does this pass an FBI pre-emptive rush to judgement due to prior FBI prejudice Orange Man Bad, with nary a worry there would be top level FBI leadership (aka Comey) opposition or concerns?


I think you left out one important date:

July 30, 2016. (A Saturday by the way) Ohrs meet with christopher Steele, who provides them with a few initial reports of what would eventually become the dossier

Then July 31, (a Sunday) the investigation is opened

There is also some mystery about the dates and timing of downer’s info getting to the us. This guardian piece says the FBI agents summariized their findings on August 2.

After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an FBI interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos,” the paper reports.
'It was a bad idea': music publicist was unlikely fixer of Trump Tower meeting
“The agents summarised their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation.”


I don’t have a lot of expertise on this element so maybe I’m missing something there.

I always thought the weekend nature of this last part was revealing.

Diana C

I am a retired public school teacher, and I absolutely detest the NEA. It's done more to dumb down our public schools than any other group. I would also blame the colleges and universities that push out graduates with teaching credentials. Rarely now do they expect that teachers know anything about the content hey should be teaching, only that they are aware of the psycho-babble and untested theories put out by the "education" departments.

When I began teaching in the early 70's, we looked to our content association. For me at the time it was the National Council of Teachers of English. We didn't yet have an NEA.

That changed pretty quickly however. Soon it was all about the NEA.

Think of the fact that Bill Ayers is or was (not sure if he has retired yet) a well-respected professor of "Education."

I keep saying it: If you are the parent of a school-age child, find a charter school, private school, or a good home-school program instead.

One of my best friends who taught with me at the community college and college level, adopted a Chinese baby girl when the Chinese had their "one child" policy.

That girl is now only 16 and is entering the local community college. Each time she was required to go into a public school to take state-mandated tests, she scored in the 98th percentile. She and her home-school friends took physical education in the local recreation district, music with the local symphony, band, and choir, and art with the local arts district.

This is common for homes-schooled students.

My cousin did the same for her two children, but she did it for religious reasons. Still, she followed a national program for home schooling. They earned their HS diplomas and went straight into programs for earning a certificate for specific work. One was trained to work as a dental hygienist and the other to do HVAC work. They are doing well now supporting themselves.

None of these children I have mentioned are for socialism, communism, radical feminism, or any of the other "isms" of the current progressives.


What I saw and heard of Horowitz's testimony today before the US Senate Judiciary Committee was also damning. I especially like that he said no one from the FBI who touched the FISA process was vindicated by his investigation. I hope the sanctimonious James Comey was watching.

I noticed yesterday that Christopher Steele's attorneys went public, stating Steele has recordings of his "Primary Sub Source" who was interviewed for the IG investigation and who was dismissive of Steele's work.

Why aren't we being told the identity of or at least more info about Steele's "Primary Sub Source"? Since the FISA warrant applications were based on the Steele dossier, this is key.

PLUS, it seems even more suspicious to me that Steele even HAD a "Primary Sub Source". Couldn't that make his dossier even less reliable if he had fewer rather than more sources?


WHO tried to bait Papadopolus with the claim of dirt on Hilary? WHO initiated this daisy chain.


Very interesting, Elmo. This could explain the very curious treatment of the very word Crowdstrike and why the Democrats went apoplectic when Trump raised the topic of Crowdstrike again in his Ukraine phone call.

Yet went out of the way to not even mention is, other than refer obliquely to Crowdstrike as some over-wrought, thoroughly debunked, right wing nut case conspiracy theory.

LJ has been ahead of the game with the DNC break-in from the very beginning and the bogus Crowdstrike "conclusions" that now two federal agencies have passed off as fact - but with still absolutely no supporting evidence.

Mifsud was never mentioned again for years and claimed even to be dead. Crowdstrike was struck from any further discussions, including attacks on anyone who dared bring them up .....the dogs that did not bark .....

And now Debbie Wasserpoodle, the center of the Crowdstrike DNC computer fiasco, is out braying in the wind again, in full throated attack.

None of this is passing a smell test to those of us out west - out of the DC bubble.


Where is Julian Assange in all of this?

Would he have anything of value to offer at this point. Besides some slim chance of the actual truth of who in fact handed him these DNC files - but without being tainted by the prospect plea bargaining? And he is now painted in the media as a deranged, sick old man who would be just offering the ravings of a madman. How convenient.


DOJ now says it can't respond to a Jusicial Watch FOIA request pertaining to the Democrat-serving Pakistani computer experts, the Awan brothers and assorted family members. Debbie Wasserpoodle ran protection for her House computer buddies. But their House employment was finally terminated in Feb 2017, and they were allowed to leave the country, with bundles of cash.

DOJ now claims Ca "technical difficulties" prevent document production to Judicial Watch. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/deep-state-doj-tells-judicial-watch-it-cant-produce-documents-on-imran-awan-due-to-technical-difficulties/

Is there any connection between the DNC leaks, Crowdstrike and the Pakistani Awan brothers? Can anyone in the high tech media world help the DOJ get beyond their "technical difficulties" in this legally requested document production?

English Outsider

Mr Johnson - apologies for the two comments up above, the first being merely a brief note that somehow escaped on to the Colonel's site. Do please delete them if you can.

The video of the Senate Judiciary hearing is extraordinary. Here are people, including Horowitz, discussing a major disaster and making no bones about it. The brief section from around 5.57.00 speaks for itself -


Horowitz throughout is careful to stick to his brief and not allow himself to be drawn on issues outside it. All he insists on is that the "opening" of the case shows no bias. When it comes to how the renewals were done he characterises that as "murky". He will not allow Senators to state or imply that the lack of bias for the opening demonstrates lack of bias for the renewals. As a whole he is saying that the case was handled astoundingly badly but he refuses to say whether that is incompetence or intention.

A meticulous man who has established the facts as accurately as possible, will have nothing to say to speculation, but who is adamant that something has gone seriously wrong and that further action needs to be taken. Having read accounts of the Horowitz report I watched expecting a whitewash with maybe a scapegoat or two - and found myself witnessing a demolition job.


Please, someone fit Admiral Rogers of the NSA sprint to Trump Tower into this timeline. I'm curious why there is no mention of his action in all these reports

Elmo Zoneball

PapaD claims it was Mifsud.



Horowitz testimony today was devastating to law enforcement in both the Obama and Trump administration.

They falsified, omitted exculpatory information and hoodwinked the FISC. They knew the Steele dossier was a work of fiction yet used it as the primary evidence to obtain the most intrusive surveillance of an American citizen and a presidential campaign. Furthermore the entire Mueller investigation was based on a falsity that the leadership of law enforcement in two administrations had full knowledge. This rogue operation to take down a presidential campaign and a duly elected president based on known false information should be outrageous to every American.

The reality is that the real interference in an election was by an incumbent administration using the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus against the campaign of an opposition candidate. Then to make it even worse the law enforcement apparatus of the incoming administration continued with the falsely predicated investigation to stymie and even oust the new President.

People like you and Col.Lang and those outside the mainstream media who saw through the smokescreen are vindicated. The media personalities that pushed the Russia hoax with hysterics and denied the use of the Steele work of fiction to obtain warrants and denigrated folks like Rep. Devin Nunes should be shunned. After the Iraq WMD hoax perpertrated by a Republican administration and amplified by the same media, it should be clear that any American that wants to know the truth needs to go to sites like SST and not the NY Times or CNN.

The question that really needs to be asked is what did Obama know and when?


Larry - Can't argue with your solid argument and I agree, but what about the possibility that Horwitz is just sandbagging the Democrats and Barr/Durham? By sidestepping around the predicate, he gives Democrats a little victory to crow about.

Sure the predicate is significant, but he just spelled out in detail the specific indictable offenses by the three main players to Barr/Durham. No motivation or bias arguments needed in the indictments. No idea if this makes sense, but what if Horowitz's intent was to avoid a full, prolonged Barr/Durham investigation first and frontrun it with what should be immediate indictments?

Indicting for unquestionable crimes first forces disclosure of more information that would help cement the predicate and (most important in my book) will force the three to roll on their bosses. You can read in to Horowitz's findings that they were part of this, but he doesn't have anything solid on them. Instead, he gives us the only three people who can and probably will finger them.

Can the DoJ drag their feet and ignore the 'in your face' crimes Horowitz details? Nothing to stop them from doing a full investigation on the other issues afterwards. I'm suspicious about any DoJ investigation. Seems like an opportunity for more mischief, obfuscation and delay.


Did anyone initially gave the green light to Mifsud to plant this info on Papadopolus. Or was it just a random encounter? That led to another just totally random Papadopolus encounter with Downer.

That led to Downer two months, all the sudden, putting the FBI finger on Papadopolus. Amazing set of such random encounters leading to the attempted over throw of an elected US president.

Makes one want to pull the covers over their head, stay in bed and close their mouth with duct tape lest one say the wrong thing to the wrong person randomly out there in the big bad world.

Elmo Zoneball

Mid November 2016.


“FISA report shows Steele dossier built on lies&rumor Graham/Grassley crim referral of Steele Jan 2018 looks like tip of iceberg compared 2details exposed by IG re politically motivated Steele dossier. FBI fed FISA court a bunch of hogwash knowing Steele dossier had NO credibility” - Chuck Grassley


Yup. So this begs the question is this SOP at DOJ? How many other warrants are based on false evidence? Can the DOJ investigate themselves? Shouldn’t the hammer come down on these gross abusers of the rule of law? I mean serious (10-20 yr) jail time.

The other question is what kind of court is FISC? Don’t they verify the evidence provided? What’s the point in having judicial review if they’re just a rubberstamp?

David Habakkuk


Has anyone seen an iota of evidence that Steele actually had a ‘Primary Sub-Source’, that could be relied upon to survive critical examination, had Horowitz approached questioning both the FBI people and Steele in a manner that might be deemed appropriate with people under suspicion of having colluded in a seditious conspiracy?

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