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06 December 2019


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Babak Makkinejad

There you go again.

What does it mean to be secular in Europe, and especially in Spain when your civilization is based on the three-year long ministry of one Jesus of Nazareth?

Babak Makkinejad

Yes but not the working poor without health insurance.


What happens in France are not "riots" (not yet), but protests with a few incidents mainly due to the police forces new doctrine (coming from Israel): hurt and frighten peaceful protesters so they do not come back.

Those protests are due to the fact that more and more french people are poor (90% of french had to share 18% of produced richness in 2017), but also to the fact that more and more french people understand that the political class is sold to corporate greed and doesn't care about France.
Pechiney, Alstom, Latecoere, Alcatel, Technip etc were successful french industrial corporations that were sold to US interests without any economical merits (sometimes in a Mafia like blackmail as was the case for Alstom).
After having destroyed the industrial companies, the Corporations want the state to privatize health protection, pensions schemes etc so that the banksters and others can make money out of it, just like in the desastrous american system. To give numbers, the 2018 private part of the health protection system represents now about 13-14% (in value) of the total health services performed. Still, for those 14% of services, those private companies have management fees that are now superior to all the management fees perceived by the public system which provide 85% of the health services... A complete robbery. The financial situation of the french social protection system (including pensions) is good, but the french politicians keep reducing the level of mandatory social contributions so that they can pretend the system is going bankrupt. At the same time, they keep very high taxes level for small businesses and a lot of taxes rebates for the big corporations.

Macron is a bankster, a traitor sold to international corporations, as are many french politicians: the french working class is resisting to international corporate greed, and rightly so.


Trump asked Ukraine to investigate the 2016 Crowdstrike-missing DNC computer files fiasco. You just can't make things up and argue for or against them.

Anything related to the prior Burisma investigation that could ensnare Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's demand for a quid pro quo in 2016 was a side show.

Yet again, Trump detractors refuse to even bring up the Crowdtrike "favor" to unlock the three long years of bogus Russia-gate hysteria.


Where are you getting your facts, Babak. We spend the largest part of Medicare funding on the last 6 months of life. If anything, we do need to let more people die with dignity and not subject them to cash-extraction over-treatment during their final days. Seriously, where are you getting your cartoon anecdotal version of the US? An exception does not make a rule.

Eric Newhill

No one is dying for lack of available medical care in the US. That is Michael Moore/socialist propaganda. The mentally ill are a different story, but they are a challenging cohort to deal with.

I don't understand why anyone in this day and age needs an abortion. Birth control is readily available at Planned Parenthood and other organizations on sliding cost schedules. The "morning after pill" is readily available without prescription at most pharmacies in case in the heat of passion a potential mistake occurred.

Who is it that has unprotected sex, gets pregnant and then three or four (or more)months later decides to abort? That makes no sense to me. I asked SWMBO about it and, as a woman, she doesn't get it either.



iMO "Babak" is a multi person agitprop identity. the difference in English language ability among you is noticeable.



That is simply untrue. You apparently aren't up to date with health care in Michigan.

Babak Makkinejad

Not a true statement.

I stand by what I wrote: Republicans are against abortion and against universal health care.

Babak Makkinejad

Mistakes happen, even in this day and age.

Babak Makkinejad

That large funds are spent in the last 6 months of life is not in dispute. But is does not detract from my point, which is you rail against abortion yet deny medical care to the working poor as a matter of course. A 37-year old ditch digger with a cardiovascular medical condition is condemned to an early death since he cannot afford the medicine that could prolong his life: acttual case.

Babak Makkinejad

Perhaps the United States, being a country of immigrants- both legal and illegal - cannot afford anything like UK's NHS. But how is that UK or Spain or Sweden can deal with the costs of end-of-life care? They are poorer countries compared to US.

Babak Makkinejad

I recall when I needed it, I could not have it since I was unemployed. I imagine you were never in that situation, always being gainfully employed.


The three possible outcomes summation's author of the article The Claremont Institute is a Conservative think tank based in Upland California.


The Navy on Saturday identified the three victims of the NAS Pensacola shooting as

Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson, 23, of Coffee, Ala.;

Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, 19, of St. Petersburg, Fla.;

and Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters, 21, of Richmond Hill, Ga.

English Outsider

Colonel - there is a great difference of opinion in the UK about the significance of the "European Army" and the UK's place in it. Some reckon it's not meant to be an ultimate replacement for NATO. Some think that the UK moves to integration with EU defence forces outside NATO are the thin end of the wedge.

According to recent reports the German armed forces are reckoned to need ten to twenty years to get up to scratch. UK armed forces are too small and getting smaller but are still reckoned to be Tier 1. "Tier 1" seems to refer to the ability to send troops abroad. The French armed forces are substantial but tend to be focused more on the ME and Africa.


From the little I know of military affairs it seems to me that talk of a "European Army" is pie in the the sky. That's if it's intended for anything serious. Tony Blair, of all people, is on record as stating recently that without the Americans Europe has no effective defence. That is a generally held view.

But things can change and I believe it is intended that they should change. This is a seldom discussed subject, compared with other subjects that are getting discussed rather more in the UK at the moment, but the impression I get is that joint defence projects will be the glue that holds this embryonic European army together. That was confirmed a while ago by one of Mrs Mogherini's officials who remarked that joint procurement was the starting point for integrated defence.

Small countries need alliances if they are to have an effective defence. It is my view that the UK should not select its alliances on the basis of who can offer the best joint procurement opportunities.

Might I ask, what is the American view on the value of European NATO and the possibility of it morphing into a separate European Army?


The mistake was engaging in procreative act and pretending one did not understand the full consequences in the first place. Procreation is sacred. Treat it with all due respect; not lousy excuses after the fact or infantcide "by mistake". C'mon. What are you really trying to say when you say a pregnancy is a "mistake". You might need some basic anatomy and physiology course review.


Babek, conservatives as myself do value life and consequently do not support abortion by choice, which is an intentional taking of a human life and

I also do not feel "health care" (what ever that is) is a state funded human right supported by mandatory tax dollars. Health care is basically a commodity that is bought and sold, while emergency/trauma care is currently a social welfare service.

I suspect your problem is you cannot define "health care" but demand we write a blank check and somehow make it free for everyone for everything. This is a vastly different proposition than what is called "socilallized" medicine. No one hands out unlimited, undefined "health care". I think you are throwing unfounded conclusions around for some other agenda. Do you want to explain this?


The personality is also different from the old Babak.



Not taken seriously except as a political gesture.



What is the name of the hospital which denied you emergency medical help due to lack of insurance or unemployment and what year was that.

Babak Makkinejad

Yet the states demands that children attend schools and they be educated by tax dollars.

In regards to health care, UK does it.

Babak Makkinejad

"Procreation is sacred". That is a religious argument. What is the religious argument for letting those who cannot pay for medical care die?

Babak Makkinejad

Nah, I well am on my way of becoming a curmudgeon. I am modelling myself after Waltber Matthau in "Hello Dolly".

Babak Makkinejad

And miscarriage is what?

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