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06 December 2019


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Well, EO, it was not Elora┬┤s intention to make an essay on corporatism, if not because she has not the knowledge on economic sciences to do it.

On the other hand, Elora never said that any European country is politically literate, but the French people, which is not the same.
In any case, who is to blame for the European people being increasingly depolitized and politicaly iliterate?
I will tll you, the media, who are, precisely, in the hands of big foreign corporations and hedge funds, the same who will buy all when put at their disposition....

To illustrate, with respect to the fears in England, and everywhere in Europe, you should listen to John Le Carre...( I hope that, for the sake of sane intellectual dicussion, Pat will post this comment, eventhough his views about Trump are not so hopeful like yours almost all here...)


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