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06 December 2019


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Thank you for commenting on NP's little show of piety. It actually seemed really insincere to me.

I was taught to "live" my Christianity. In other words, I had to live according to my beliefs or I could not be considered sincere in my beliefs.

During my senior year, the push to approve abortion was at its height. Our Social Studies teacher asked the entire class to state how each of us believed in that regard. The entire class--except my best friend and I--said they thought abortion should be legal. My best friend was actually pregnant at the time. She had her child and raised her child. I knew her decision to keep deliver the baby and keep it, and I supported her in that, as I knew I would have made the same choice--though I also knew I would not allow myself to get into that situation.

I refused to take puff on the joints being passed around while I was in college. I was considered a prude. But I kept fast to the belief that my body is the temple of my soul.

Nancy is a fraud as a Christian, no doubt about it. Thank you for making that clear.

As for the shooter, I was thinking he was acting in revenge for the death of the leader of ISIS. I have never liked our close political relationship with Saudi Arabia. I've met too many people studying here from SA. Not that I truly trust what they say, but several have expressed a dislike of their form of government, though they don't say that loudly in large groups.

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