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06 December 2019


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As a Kraut reserve guy. To be the nucleus for a European army we Krauts would have to drop our brave soldier Sweijk act which we maintain in front of the Americans (and to a lesser extent the Russians). As our politicians dont have the cojones to say no to the transatlanticists (well, a lot of them are tansatlanticists), the only way to prevent German troops from being voluntold to the hotter lines of contact with the Russians is to publically appear so inept that no serious request is made by the "transatlantic community".
One can say no to Uncle Sam, but saying no in the way of "we could do as you want, but it would be stupid and criminal, therefor we are not going to do it", carries costs while "we would love to follow your glorious and totally sane requests, but sadly our military is not as incredible as yours and as such we hope that valiant America will heroically carry the burden" works better and does not carry personal carreer trajectory costs for whoever says no.

Essentially, the (rather soft in historical terms, the US is a fairly benign overlord from a european perspective, certainly more benign then a lot of European overlords were) vasallisation of the EU by the USA had the hardly unexecpected result of degrading European military capabilities (rule 101: if a vasall has a competent military, he will probably be demanding independence soon). It is no surprise that the countries who are least "vasallized by the US" in Europe maintain the most capable militaries (these being Russia, Turkey and France as well as GB. While GB is quite subordinate to the USA, they believe that they are allies rather then vasalls which improves their willingness to invest resources).

From a strictly machieavellian perspective, why should Germany fund a large and capable standing army? Its utilization (for what German goal?) would be subject of the veto by the USA, and it could be utilized by the USA on issues that either dont matter to German interests or are actually against German interests, while Germany could in turn veto such utilizations, saying no to Uncle Sam carries a political/personal price. The "transatlantic community" never forgave Schröder for saying no to the Iraq invasion, even if the USA would have been massively better off listening to him on this issue, and even despite Schröder rock solid transatlanticist credentials (he was behind declaring article 5 over 9/11, and threatenened to resign if the greens did not agree to the German Afghanistan mission).

We Germans are surrounded by nations that we are treaty bound to not invade, and that are treaty bound to not invade us. Much of the migration threat we face is due to ill advised military operations. Much of the "Russian threat" we face is due to also ill advised military expansion.

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