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06 December 2019


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Acute observations. They could, almost all of them, apply equally well to England and I suppose across Europe.

I would tentatively suggest that the analysis is incomplete. Tentatively because the French scene is extremely difficult for an outsider to get the hang of.

Incomplete because it fails to distinguish between the various types of corporatism. Corporatism in one country is certainly undesirable but its effects are limited. When it becomes corporatism across borders than inevitably the effects of cheap labour arbitrage and regulatory arbitrage, if that term is permissible, are disastrous for the poor.

I'd take issue with the observation that any European country is "politically literate." There is no evidence that any of us here connect the predicament we all of us are in with the causes of that predicament. In that some at least in the States are streets ahead of us. We live in a state of "false consciousness" and have not as yet developed an adequate popular vocabulary in which we can discuss the true reality we live in. As we are discovering in England, it's not just an old fashioned class war.

The fears you express in your last paragraph are in England the current election fodder. We also are told that Trump is going to swoop down upon us. I doubt it but if so he'd better get a move on. In England our cronies are eyeing up the prey and have already feasted on a deal of it. If it's done wrong privatisation merely means swapping the apparatchiks for the cronies and that's an old tale for us.

Neither you nor d74 above mention the great crisis for France as for all of us in Europe. Mass immigration. Is that because it's a difficult subject to discuss in France?

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