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07 December 2019


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Elora Danan

I never worked in counterintelligence.


I think this is probably true, which is why I hope that 90% of currently sitting Republicans are replaced by some sort of America First populist-nationalists.


Way off topic, so please do not post if not appropriate.
Helmer writes that Skripals were/are held at USA base in UK.
Perhaps by now they have been secretly taken to USA.



Based on the courses taught by Dr. Stephen Ressler, Professor Emeritus from West Point, that I have purchased from thegreatcourses.com, I suspect that the quality of teaching at West Point is superb.

John Merryman

As Deep Throat said, "If you want to understand what's going on, follow the money."

I think, once civilization has been totally pushed to the wall, those not completely in thrall to either God or Mammon, will put some effort into better understanding reality, because the underlaying logic governing the world is seriously due for updating.
For instance, a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience, from which we rise, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement from which we fell. That no one can appreciate the serious difference between the ideal and the absolute boggles my mind.
In practical terms, we treat good and bad as some cosmic dual between the forces of righteousness and evil, but they are the basic biological binary of beneficial and detrimental. The 1/0 of life. Even bacteria sense the attraction/repulsion.
All the higher order evolved senses, emotions and cultural touchstones, like honor, love, responsibility, respect, humility, etc etc, arise from this basis. Yet when we treat them as the ideal, all conflict becomes a race to the bottom, of us versus them, good versus bad, black versus white. Rather than being able to assume the other side will hold to evolved standards of civilized behaviors and constructs, using such conflicts as opportunities to explore further evolution of society, instead of everything being this zero sum game.
We really are still fairly primitive. Hopefully this is more the end of the beginning, than the beginning of the end. It is a small planet and it will take awhile to recreate sufficient energy sources to propel life back up this far.



The world has reverted back to the 19th century Robber Barons, above the law and incalculably rich. They take what they want. Carolina Armored National Guard units have seized control of Syria’s oil fields. The House of Saud never changed except it now needs 14,000 American troops to prop it up. When the Balkan expatriates managed a successful coup in Kiev, Russia faced another Western take over. They fought back allied with China and Iran. The regime change campaign against Syria was halted. Japan, South Korea and the world’s economy are dependent on Middle East oil. Israel wants to expand. The USA itself does not need Middle East oil. It will get by great as long as oil remains fungible.

What has changed this century is one mistake and the nuclear war will destroy the world. Sea level rise will also ultimately make the whole point moot. The Iranians and its proxies have non-nuclear mutually assured destruction with Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Cons don’t seem to believe this. Migration caused by war, economic hardship and climate change are tearing at the Five Eyes nations. An Iranian War will be an Empire destroyer. What is desperately needed is a negotiated peace.

Babak Makkinejad

I think if US decamps from the Middle East, she immediately gains leverage as well as free her resources for other places.

Babak Makkinejad

France failed to instill Cartesian Rationality on the Algerians during 130 of her rule there. And when France left Algeria, Liberty left with her too, never ever to return.

blue peacock

This petrodollar myth persists especially among those that have very little clue on trade finance. I began my career on an oil trading desk and the currency that a contract is priced in had very little impact on trading decisions except for incorporating currency risk.


Elora Danan

I never worked in counter-terrorism either. Sort yourselves out and correct your records.


James T Never hear of him. What did he teach? I may be an exception.



I obviously agree.

Mathias Alexander

It may have no impact on the trading decisions but what impact would it have on the currency?


Your comments would require extensive development in response. I can't do it, except:
1- Woahala (Franco-African onomatopoeia, like the Greek'Eureka!'):
The Russians will do that very well. They've already started. And it seems to be working. Very good stealth technique, velvet glove on steel hand. Question: What's in it for us?

2- It is surprising, but Algeria, its ruling elites, have their eyes fixed on France and its organizational culture. They have the same flaws as us, that is to say. It is true that they look elsewhere too.
"And when France left Algeria, Liberty left with her too...": are you sure, really affirmative? Surprising to read this in your pen.


Elora Danan

I was in "intelligence," not "counter-intelligence."

Christy Anderson

"...It is time for a basic re-appraisal of our relationships in the ME"

I thought 'this' already happened when all the Saudi princes were rounded up and held at the Ritz(?) directly following the Las Vegas 'terra' attack at the Mandolin Bay hotel?


What on earth makes you think that the Saudi tyrants are our "friends"?



Offered for comment and not necessarily for truth.


Russians are dealing with Seljuk Muslims, fortified by the Shia Republic. Algeria is not a Seljuk country.

To your number 2, I am aware of that they want to emulate France; so did Mexico and Spain. They will fail as they have failed since independence.

Where is Liberty East of the Diocletian Line - out side of the Western Christian countries of Western Europe, North America and the two outpost of the English in the Pacific?


France can sell them weapons and such.


What did that attack in 2017 have to do with Saudi Arabia?


Well taken and understood.

Don't put too much hope on France. You could be bitterly disappointed.
Our diplomacy has been dead for a long time. Smoky dreams have replaced the will to face reality. They are not even able to defend our interests, not even European interests, so yours..... Even if you kick their asses, they won't realize anything positive, but endless bullshit. It's not that they wouldn't want to. It has long been a French problem: the will does not cling to action.

There remains Russia and some troublemakers.Really, a good deal?

Keith Harbaugh

Any comments on these brief videos of DJT at a Saudi sword dance?
Or thoughts on the signficance of the sword dance ritual?
My only thought: I can't believe the Secret Service let the president get so close to those swords.
Sure seems to me to be an unquantifiable risk.


You're right, it's an abuse. Diplomacy knows no friends, only interests. The USA is so eager to sell its hardware and do what this customer likes, and for so long, that abuse is venial.
Do you know the expression'Bandar Bush'? More than a friend, an honorary member of the family.



I mentioned France because you are supposedly French. There are many candidates for roles great or small as proxies. We would have embassies in the ME from which to monitor developments.

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