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07 December 2019


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In the end he can just tell the SS to f---k off. I would.



It doesn't, but it sure seems a campaign of narrative crafting is going on around that shooting. A gambler with a drug problem and a girlfriend as aware of her surroundings as Omar Mateen's wife shoots a country music concert crowd killing 58 and two years later the FBI tells us "no clear motive".

And just like James Hodgkinson, it is off to the memory-hole/conspiracy threory land. The idea proposed by Christy, which I've seen elsewhere, is less believable than political anger or even terrorism, but it is new with even more circumstantial evidence than the idea country music fans are Republicans, so it must have been political, which is an idea I've also seen floated.

blue peacock

None. Just as when all those who forecasted doom for the USD & Treasury bonds if the Chinese ever sold their dollar reserves. Well, they did, to the tune of hundreds of billions and the result - dollar rising and the Treasury bond market unperturbed. And what is not so well understood, is that Chinese did not draw down USD reserves because they wanted to but because they had to.

What those who don't understand trade finance don't get is that any product or commodity can be priced in any convertible currency and can be converted at will. Among convertible currencies none matches the dollars liquidity and depth. There's no other currency that even comes close. And there's no other market that finances trade anywhere close to the scale of the offshore eurodollar market. Why do you think the Fed has to open up swap lines every time there's a hiccup in the global financial system?



Speaking of 'not a friend', it appears there are Israeli intelligence connections to the Dem candidate Buttigieg through the law firm he used to work for. They have an office in Israel, and they appear to have brokered the sale of a U.S. sex club that was owned by a Damon Lawner who sold it to a private group called Circle which is probably an Israeli intelligence storefront. They're slated to have a big party in Miami this month, where all will be most likely recorded audio and visual by the Israeli intelligence apparatus in Miami, setting up more U.S. politicos for their Israeli intelligence blackmail operation.

One wonders if Mr. Buttigieg will be attending the Miami gala along with other Democratic party big wigs. Hmmm......







Apparently, one of wives of Clown Prince Muhammad Bone Saw, is Sahar Al Shamrani family. Likely she is related to the Pensacola Killer or at least comes from the same influential tribe. An average Saudi would never be trusted enough to be given “specialized” training by the Americans, for the fear of turning against the Al Saud clan. I don’t know enough about the country to comment more but hope that someone, with current knowledge about the internal Saudi tribal politics, can enlighten us about this “elite killer”.



Trump will be signing an Executive Order defining Judaism as a race/nationality not just a religion on Wednesday.


Last week Trump told Sheldon Adelson's Israeli American Council that "we have to" get Americans to "love Israel."




This is a sad day. Perhaps Catholics could be declared an ethnic group as well.



Adam Schiff the Dem Chair of the House Intel Committee, on June 18, 2017 father's day did a say cheeze moment. The picture showed Schiff with his father, his brother, and what caught my eye was Schiff's son wearing a Mossad t-shirt. Which makes me wonder, if Schiff is a Mossad asset.



They can be declared a religious minority but it would be difficult to market them as an ethnic group.


With respect, the New York Times report is wrong.

How Trump’s executive order on antisemitism originated in Harry Reid’s office https://t.co/1mUOXrvhqN?amp=1

A first look at the language of Trump’s executive order on antisemitism

Trump's Redefinition of Jewish Identity That Wasn't


What is primitive is to allow the leaders of so-called democratic governments use politics in their speech and action, as those monkeys at the WH. They set an example for the rest of the world (because of their mighty army) and therefore it is impossible to stop the Messianic ME Bro spread their plague.
This is not to say that normal people cannot feel a need for religion and practice it, but it should not be allowed any publicity in the political sphere, and at least in the international political sphere, because it goes against the very principle of non-discrimination.



If the Sharia patrol types aren't real careful they'll have more than just one Brooklyn gang to contend with.

Brooklyn 'Muslim Community Patrol' confronted by infamous Bloods gang


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