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05 December 2019


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Regarding Bloomberg article about Macron, it says his aides work on "what will enrage the Germans most, what can be done most cheaply, and what will grab him most attention" adding that "the team have stress tested all of his policy initiatives using a metrics system that scores each idea according to factors such as how much opposition it will encounter, how much it costs and how big a change it requires".

"Macron offers a very coherent geopolitical view of the world."
"If Moscow could be drawn into Europe’s orbit instead of China’s, it could help tip the balance on the Eurasian super-continent. Macron believes Russia will tire of playing junior partner to Beijing and when it does, he wants Europe to be ready."

Well, maybe he has a coherent view of the world and a clear one about where he wants to go, and maybe he is an astute and capable politician with some clever tactics.

The problem is that this guy is a kind of megalomaniac "arrogant autocratic" statesman. His lack of empathy and real brutality has managed to trigger a level of hate against him by a lot of french that never was seen or even thought of before regarding french presidents. This bankster's agent punches well above his weight, and will very probably be the source of big and bloody disasters if he isn't murdered before.

Timothy Hagios

The news media are quick to tell us that the idea that Ukrainians would meddle in our politics is a "conspiracy theory" that was "debunked." On an related note, the Ukrainian government openly created an "information army" whose purpose is to make online posts in support of the Ukrainian government. The existence of this "army," which started in 2015, is publicly available information that is mentioned on the official web site of the Ukrainian government: http://mip.gov.ua/ru/news/115.html


Dangerous to use US nuclear fuel? That article doesn't describe any failure related to fuel rods designed and built by Westinghouse, it makes claims of problems with different reactors in the Czech Republic. Other than political ramifications, such as the political decision to change fuel sources after Poroshenko came to power, there don't appear to be engineering issues other than poor maintenance of secondary systems. Lack of money being the issue. Perhaps they should end the war so they can reallocate the government's priorities.

Patrick Armstrong




Thanks for the additional link. That's a much better source of information. There's plenty of needed repair work in the electric utility field in Ukaraine which is yet another commercial incentive for companies to support the prior administrations Orange revolution efforts, but no reason for the US taxpayers to do so.

Andrei Martyanov (aka SmoothieX12)

Well, maybe he has a coherent view of the world

He doesn't and it is late anyway--the Russian ship has sailed. So did a European one. Europe is just the market for Russia.


Wonder who's footing the bill for the Ukronazis field-trip and stay in Hong Kong (Globalists within CIA or State, or both?).

If the Ukronazis aren't real careful since they stick out like well-worn thumbs, they'll wind up with a Chinese projectile to the back of their heads, or a quiet blow to the neck by Chinese specialists causing their immediate demise (oops one slipped on a bar of soap). I don't foresee the Chinese government putting up with their antics for very long.


"Six more EU countries join...INSTEX...to bypass US sanctions on Iran."

It feels like the US is a collapsed narcissist. Once they get old, no one puts up with them anymore. I hope the new order is kind to crazy Aunt Betty.



I really feel for the Russian navy, with their Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov on fire while it's docked in Murmansk for repairs. So far 2 are unaccounted for and missing. A welding spark ignited fuel.

Fortunately there were no munitions onboard near the fire area. Cooked off munitions would not have been a fun thing to have to deal with in addition to their fire situation.


Congress and State going stupid:

Senate Foreign Relations Committee has approved a bill asking the State Department to determine whether Russia falls under criteria of a state sponsor of terrorism



Russia test fired its Kinzhal missile Tuesday in the Artic.



NATO drills indicate preparations for large-scale conflict — Russian General Staff


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