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19 December 2019


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English Outsider

The Russians seem to have got themselves into a fine old muddle. ".. the Russians spent five years “cultivating leading Tories including Johnson…”.


But while he was being "cultivated" Mr Johnson was pushing the Skripal story at home and abroad. And was still pushing the Litvinenko story -


Doesn't add up.

This is all nonsense. I recollect Tulsi Gabbard getting annoyed that Mrs Clinton characterised her as a Russian stooge. Possibly Tulsi Gabbard didn't understand that "You're a Russian Stooge" is just Mrs Clinton's way of saying "Hello."

Patrick Armstrong

Addition was left behind a long time ago. Consider that we are supposed to believe that Putin can rig elections in the UK and USA but not in Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltics and other places closer to home.

Peter Williams

One method to reduce the "shadow economy" is the “Tax on Professional Income” currently operating in four regions and expanding to a further 19 regions on 1st January, 2020.

List of regions - https://www.rbc.ru/economics/15/12/2019/5df616e29a7947112c6112a4

Explanation of “Tax on Professional Income” - https://www.awaragroup.com/blog/self-employed-taxation/

Ghost Ship

Does FP fact check the articles it publishes or even put them out for peer review.
BTW, with all the self-identifying Nazis in western Ukraine what makes Motyl think that the EU will do anything for Ukraine? It's destroyed what industry Ukraine had so that Germany has a fresh source of skilled workers who will work for peanuts. Perhaps someone should explain to German industrialists that forced labour in Germany ended in 1945, or at least it should have done.

Patrick Armstrong

Thanks for this.


The Nuclear Powered Submarine Belgorod is expected to be handed over to the Russian Navy next year (2020) by its manufacturer Sevmash. The Belgorod will be armed with the nuclear drone Poseidon. The Oscar class Belgorod was modified for special purposes, one of those being a carrier for the Poseidon weapons system. The Belgorod will be able to house up to 4 Poseidon drones.


Patrick, do you have any insight as to what happened with the FSB officers shot in Moscow?


Next Year should have
- 2 Borey Class Submarines introduced
- 2 Yasen Class Submarines Introduced
- Belgorod Reintroduced
-1-3 Varshavyanka Class Diesels Introduced

And that is just 'New' Submarines (Belgorod well being a new 'Type'), not including Varshavyanka, Shchuka/Akulas etc) or any Surface Vessels

Among this biggest Years successes will be the huge progress likely made on Gorshkov Class Friages - whose earlier Missile/Radar Systems likely stalled the entire production line.

Andrey (SmoothieX12) can talk more of that I am sure

Patrick Armstrong

I don't think this is the appropriate venue for miscellaneous news about Russia.
So I won't approve any more comments that don't directly bear on what I said.

Patrick Armstrong

No, I don't. Still trying to figure out what happened.

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