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13 December 2019


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Breitbart News has footage of London leftists brawling with police; looks like
the beginning of an English Antifa. A few days ago someone on CNN said, "The EU
is afraid England will become Hong Kong on the Thames." I'm glad BoJo won but it
won't be easy going forward I suspect if he can't get a grip on out of control
immigration & crime.

As for Scottish independence, it long rang a sweet bell in my heart, shades of "Brave Heart" but then I started listening to Nicola Sturgeon & she just reminds me of the silly Swedish leftists gals who don't appear to value their indigenous
population, just a bunch of naive globalists hell bent on cultural suicide.


The British realised that Brussels is the exact EU equivalent of the Washington “Swamp”. I salute the British for cutting themselves free from the bureaucratic cancer that is the EU. They correctly decided that Sovereignty was worth more than the gifts of the EU benevolent dictatorship.


According to “Electoral Reform Society”, all votes are not equal in UK:
Across Britain, it took...
🗳️864,743 votes to elect 1 Green MP
🗳️642,303 votes to elect 0 Brexit Party MPs
🗳️334,122 votes to elect a Lib Dem
🗳️50,817 votes for a Labour MP
🗳️38,316 votes for a Plaid Cymru MP
🗳️38,300 votes for a Con. MP
🗳️25,882 votes for a SNP MP

But then again, who said Britain with its monarchy, is a democracy?

The problem is that in a disunited kingdom, Conservatives with Tories only represent the English and the Northern Ireland Oranje (through Unionists). Corbyn’s problem was that he didn’t rid of his Rightwing faction, including “Friends of Israel” in Leadership positions. He grew Labor more than the Neo-Liberal Blair did.
Best for Europe to get rid of England and create a “Two Velocities E.U.”, allowing Eastern Europeans to have their own path to wherever.



You make the same mistake that Democrats did after 2016. It is not about the total number of votes. Britain has a parliamentary system. It is about winning each parliamentary seat. Just as in the US, it is about winning the electoral votes in each state. Boris won a landslide according to the electoral rules that was the same for each party contesting the election.

The question that Labor needs to ask is why did they lose seats that Labor has held for 50 or more years? Not whining about the rules of the election.

Labour won a single seat in London, in a wealthy neighborhood, and lost dozens in some of the poorest parts of the U.K. that have endured years of economic decline. Left-wing parties across the west have lost touch with actual marginalized communities.



From a Red Wall constituency, an actually existing Geordie's view (spoiler: Rotherham):


English Outsider

Benevolent!!! They're just about to pinch our fishing grounds!

And Johnson will pay them handsomely for the favour. Hey, Walrus, do you want us to make you a present of Norfolk? Seems to be everything must go time. Have to be quick, mind you. Get in before Angie does.


Unrestrained third world migration, legal and illegal, has been extremely unsettling to the old order.


Bankruptcy is part of the art of doing business in the US. All parties know this is a possibility up front. Just stating the facts; not defending the consequences. The art of due diligence is the best defense, but even that is not 100% protective.


Greenland is already part of the Nordics.

What will Russia bring to the table to make them a co-equal partner. Northern route ice free passage between Asian and NA/UK/EU markets? Pencil this out.


Arctic League war with the south's long history of indolence - not a fair match.


Since this is the name of the game here, mine left low-land Scotland mid 17th century too and took over the Hudson River Valley as their political launching pad. Seems they also picked the wrong side when they sided with Mary, Queen of Scots and needed to beat a hasty retreat.


EU is bound to fail in three generations. Just like the Soviet Union and Mao's China. Can't fight family or tribalism.

blue peacock

English Outsider

It seems you don't believe that Mr. Johnson will deliver you Brexit. I don't blame you. I'm sure he'll try to con you folks into believing he delivered, while nothing much changes. That's how the big mainstream parties work. All kinds of platitudes during the election campaign and then back to business as usual.

Who will hold his feet to the fire? Farage with not a single seat?

blue peacock

Reflection is not a quality that mainstream politicians have. Got to blame someone else. Surprised they haven't blamed Putin or Ukraine yet :-)

That tweet thread was very instructive. Amazing that areas that were solid Labor for so long deserted them this election. Something they should really think hard about.


There is a real case for Ireland to be next out of the EU, joining a British Isles trading zone, perhaps with an independent Scotland in it as well. In this situation no need for a united Ireland.

If the UK gets a decent deal with the US this could become a real option instead of an ideal.

Babak Makkinejad


Heard that comely Protestant Danish sailors are on their way to Golfo di Persicos to confront the Shia Republicans. Can the all female
Swedish paratroopers, equally Protestant, be that far behind?
Things are getting better and better.

English Outsider

On a "two tier" or "multi tier" EU, that is a possibility sometimes mentioned. I recollect it was mentioned by the German Ambassador at a talk he gave a while ago, and there is sometimes press reference to the idea. It would get over the Target 2 problem and also make the problem of fiscal transfer less urgent.

The question is, how would one get to two tier? Last time I looked the Target 2 balances were around a trillion and represented one half of Germany's foreign assets. The Southern countries couldn't pay that back and the German public would not accept, I think, half their foreign assets being written off.

This is the problem with the EU. It's not a single unified country. Nor is it merely a loose trading association. It's half way between the two and it is forced to keep moving towards further unification simply because remaining as it is is untenable.

But moving either way is difficult too. There are the populist movements that either threaten the integrity of the EU or at least hold it back from further unification. There are the structural problems of the EZ that could only be resolved by further unification. And that resolution would require the taxpayers in the richer countries to pay far more to the poorer countries. Certainly in Germany that would prove politically difficult.

Brussels has committed itself to fast track further unification. It looks to me like someone on ice having to run faster and faster to keep his balance. That view might be coloured by the fact that I like neither the political side of the EU nor its effect on the peripheral countries, but it's important to recognise that in addition to the financial bubble problems all Western countries or entities face, the EU/EZ has deep structural problems that will not be easy to resolve.


Yes, but with large populations, rising heat and rising waters.


So he who questioned the Skripal affair is seen off with hoots of laughter, while he who vigorously endorsed it is celebrated. Strange times.

Seamus Padraig

So true, elaine. The SNP is a total fraud. It's run by a bunch of pro-EU globalists masquerading as Scottish 'nationalists'. Unz ran a fantastic take-down of them by Tobias Langdon last year: https://www.unz.com/article/a-tartan-tyranny/

Seamus Padraig

Maybe sooner, as they lack an army with which to crush popular revolts.

Seamus Padraig

Well, Corbyn grew Labour between in 2015-2017, before outing himself as a closet-Remainer. After that, he lost it all between 2017-2019.

On the second point, you are quite correct: far from ridding Labour of its "Friends of Israel" wing, he actually allowed them to force him to rid Labour of his own pro-Palestinian allies!

Any way you slice it, Corbyn was just weak and pathetic.


English Outsider

Dead right. Neither Mr Jackson nor I are breaking out the Lagavulin.

Babak Makkinejad

Men who send women to war have no honor.


The polls mostly predicted a big Conservative win. Not really surprised, there was real anger at the attempts to thwart Brexit, but there is the larger trend of the white working class leaving the parties of the left for reasons we all know.

Scotland won't become independent, their only chance was whilst we were a member of the EU, so independence in name only, hence their desperation now. That will die a death like the Quebec movement.

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