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13 December 2019


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Corbyn gave the Israel lobby an inch and they took a mile, a weak man. On foreign policy he was oft correct, albeit for the wrong reasons.


Corbyn is a communist like Sanders. He would have destroyed England much as Sanders would destroy the US. Warren is different. She is just a power hungry fraud, much like HC.



The US Army and USMC do not want women in their combat ranks, but the women demand it seeing it as a jobs program.

Babak Makkinejad


Babak Makkinejad

USSR, Yugoslavia, US, EU, and the Indian Union are predicared on the ideas of the Enlightenment Tradition. So far, USSR and FRY have disintegrated. If EU fails, could US and IU be too far behind. In US, we have the political ascendancy of folkish Protestanism, in India that of Hindu masses. Can any states, predicated on secularism of the Enlightenment Tradition survive the rise of religious politics?



"Somme?" Means what? The Battle of the Somme?

English Outsider

You're quite right. Some polls predicted a decisive win for the Conservatives. However, the Guardian poll of polls showed it tight or hung and there were predictions that the Farage vote would let Labour in more than expected. Dr North just before the vote -

"Even though the polls are showing that the Tories are still in the lead, therefore, this dynamic could still be enough to rob Johnson of his expected victory, especially as the Telegraph is reporting the results of a Savanta ComRes survey that puts the Conservatives on 41 percent and Labour on 36 percent – a mere five percent lead, the smallest since mid-October.

"Then, although no-one wants to talk about it in this latter stage of the election, there is the ethnic vote, and particularly the effect of the South Asian vote to take into account.

"Here, there is a possibly significant article in the Leicestershire press, headlined, "Labour Leicester East councillors accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being 'anti-Indian' and 'anti-Hindu'"."


Other sites and newspapers were sometimes gloomy - were they trying to scare Farage supporters back into the fold? Wouldn't put it past them.

Must confess I didn't follow it all as closely as I imagine you did. After Johnson and his merry men sold NI out his Brexit became a little squalid. I didn't buy Corbyn the Red Peril - his Blairites would have held him back from anything extreme. So it was a choice between two progs, neither of whom came anywhere near the root and branch reconstruction of the economy such as looked to be on offer from Trump 2016. Not an exciting choice.

Far as I'm concerned Scotland must do what Scotland wants. I didn't like the triumphalist tone that came from some of the continentals - "We'll get Scotland and Northern Ireland off you, see if we don't." Some of our remainers joined in the fun on that one and I liked that even less. As if those two constituent parts of the UK were little more than pawns to be grabbed by one side or the other.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, how would women bear it?

Babak Makkinejad

Don't get too worked up, that Dictator did more for Spain than any Spaniard since Olivares. Yes, I know, Republicans were unalloyed good (Gary Cooper, Neruda, Hemingway et al) and the Loyalists personifications of Evil.
They were both a bunch of thugs and murderers, from which Franco created the Spain in which you are living. Reminds me of the First Qajar King, who restored Safavids old holdings, yet no memorial marks his existence or passage, too painful for Iranians to admit that they are living in a country forged but the brutal, ruthless, violent and capable man.



No one knows if they could bear it.


You are making a mistake. Corbyn grew the Labor party MORE than Blair, Kinnock,...
The flair you described in British electoral system is by design to ensure the rule of the crown, neo-feudal minions, nobility & “novo-nobility” with an appearance of consent. The “redistricting” in Britain is similar to US & different in the sense that is permanent (contradiction in terms) due to the the immigration- & social mobility differences.
Also, Scotland, one of Labor’s main bastions, is sick & tired of the waiting to reform the Albion and understandably just wants to separate their ways. I observe, but do not judge, the fact of the matter being that the vote of the majority of Britain’s doesn’t count towards determining the rule of the land. Similar to a LOT of countries but dissimilar in the sense that their ruling class uses the “voting spectacle” as a public patch to lecture the others about democracy (electoral college) & human rights (Assange torture).


You are right in the sense that Corbyn was not firm enough to get ride of the Trojan Blairites. He needed to be less compromising and at least “market” (whether to deliver or not, is another matter) a more radical solution as Boarish Johnson did: E.g. a terrorist act happens on London bridge, by a Jihadist - on parole (??) during election time - under Israel-Firster Priti Patel & Corbyn gets the blame!? Conservatives were in power and run the prisons and the judiciary. Corbyn missed the necessary viciousness and was weak, considering he did not make a HUGE scandal out of this with Johnson being weak on terrorism (which is true, as we all know that MI-5/6 exports Jihadists to Syria and runs NGO’s to the benefit of Jihadis).


The first person who brought the Russians in to this discussion is Blue Peacock, except the CONSERVATIVES who convicted the Skripal Affair. Indeed, reflection IS rear


"We'll get Scotland and Northern Ireland off you, see if we don't."

If Boris manages an exit on 31. January, Scotland is out too. Just as Catalonia they aren't a member of the European Union automatically. Thus another independence vote does not immediately change the context.

So it was a choice between two progs ...

Well yes, just as Blair's New Labor, Boris has to move left if he wants to be reelected.

Farage, I understand is not a friend of NHS. How would he handle it? Privatize it completely?

Yes, continental voices on Brexit are curious sometimes. Just as British ones. Please, please let's get it over with, getting ready for a hard Brexit post Jan. 31*, as far as I am concerned.

* Boris and his men could simply prepare for a hard Brexit at the end of the transition period. ... He has the votes to do so. And wasn't he next to Farage the main Brexiteer?

English Outsider

Ah. Scurvy to limes the fruit to limes the boundary taking in "Limey" along the way. Ashamed to say it was two days before I got it.

Those Highlanders, by the way, were hardy. I can't put my hands on the reference but there's an eighteenth century account of Highland troops sleeping bare-chested in the open and with ice visible on their chests in the morning. And the Psalm singing Lowlanders the terror of Europe.

A fearsome crew. Be grateful for the Whisky and leave it at that, best thing to do with the Scots.


So far, USSR and FRY have disintegrated. If EU fails, could US and IU be too far behind

What's IU?

English Outsider

There was some antisemitic stuff around, mostly I think from the Momentum side of Labour. One of the Conservative blogs gleefully put it all together and some of it looked bad. Corbyn took steps to clamp down on it. Many say not enough. But as you imply, it's never enough.

For most of us it was a second Brexit referendum, would you not agree? The decision's clear enough but as with the first referendum, we've really only given the politicians a blank cheque to do with the decision as they please.



Nice rant, sir.

"There are many many and complicated negotiations …"
You mean beyond the 'we're leaving and we aren't paying you anything' deal?

"There is not much left that the UK has to offer the EU what wasn't negotiated already by May"

She negotiated abrogating the will of the electorate, as seen in the landslide win by Johnson.

" people from the UK applying for a job in the EU are being rejected since Johnson's/Farage's/Cumming's/Rees-Mogg's etc pp Brexitery is seen having very practical risks - mobility, reliability, availability "

So even though it wasn't done, companies in the EU have been rejecting UK citizens applications for employement? i.e. UK citizens are 'separate but equal' citizens of the EU. Maybe those businesses realize 1) - they can discriminate at will and get away with it and 2) Brexit is now going to happen.

"In the meanwhile, banks are running away from Edinburgh to places like Frankfurt, Berlin or Paris."

Are they? Well, what year will that be since that statement has been around for a number of years and it hasn't happened.


I used the word in the sense of "limes" as a latin word meaning limits as in border.

English Outsider

Fishing, NI, defence, money .. I could go on. On present form Mr Johnson is taking us towards a Brexit so "soft" that Mrs May must be proud of him. But in addition to being one of the few civilised politicians we've got, they tell me he's a lot cleverer than he looks. So he may yet surprise us and I shall hold the single malt ready just in case.


Indian Union.

English Outsider

That's how I read it, Colonel, but unfortunately it took me some time before I got from border to citric fruit. Possibly because I'm slow with puns, but possibly also because as I read that passage of your article I was reflecting bitterly that in fact we do still have Scottish soldiers defending the borders of the Empire. Right this minute.

Just that it's Verhofstadt's empire. I see your commenters are not uniformly enthusiastic about the EU, so perhaps to redress the balance you will accept a video of Mr Verhofstadt giving us his vision of our joint imperial future -


Keith Harbaugh

So the Antifa-left in GB reacts to an election result that they do not like
just as their counterparts did in the US:
"Antifa Leftists Riot in London Following Massive Election Loss…", CTH, 2019-12-13
Note the tactic of masking their identities,
used by the dirty little cowardly bastards,
the same tactic some on the American left used back in their protests in the 1960s.

As to the motive, and motive energy, behind the violence of these protests,
people need to take the wisdom of Kevin MacDonald seriously,
and not misrepresent what he writes,
then knock down YOUR straw-man misrepresentation,
and claim you've knocked down KM
(as seems to be all too common among those who criticize KM).

Specifically, the warnings he utters in his most recent book,
Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future,
published 2019
For a 70 minute talk by KM about this book, watch https://youtu.be/hXJEt8TBlRQ

By the way, the above cited book contains lengthy (~70 page) chapters on
"The [Catholic] Church in [900-1700] Europe" and on Puritanism in England and America,
topics I think might be of interest to Col. Lang and others.
Also extensive discussion of the biological, social, and cultural background to Western civilization.


Looks like a January 31 Brexit.

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