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05 December 2019


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First order of business for Congress this morning was one hour of discussion of Resolution 326, endorsing the Two State solution of conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

Several Republicans rose in opposition to the Resolution, on the grounds that its wording was "biased against Israel," did not adequately call out bad deeds of Palestinians.

The hearing was an opportunity for Israel partisans to go on the record affirming their commitment to "Israel's security as a Jewish state," and to repeat for the gazillionth time the narrative that "Arabs wanted only to push Jews into the sea;" "America stands with Israel, always and forever," "the US - Israel relationship is good for US."

Among other things, Eliot Engel, first to speak on the Resolution, said two-state was the only solution, one-state being totally unacceptable because:
“Do you know what a 1-state solution means? It means a state where Jews can become the minority in their own country."

Code Pink member Ariel Gold replied:
"Yes, it does mean that. Imagine white people saying they must remain the US majority, or else America won't be democratic for us."
"Gee, Mr. Jewish Democrat @RepEliotEngel, what do we call it when people—white Americans, Christian Germans—say that they must remain the majority or else they will lose the country that G-d gave to them.
What is that term again Mr. Engel"


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