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05 December 2019


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Anyone who doesn't approve of the job Donald Trump is doing, needs to know that he was elected by Hillary Clinton. They're blaming the wrong person. Is Hillary Clinton an amoral sociopath? "We came, we saw, he died [giggle, giggle]."


What a deceitful, unethical lede. The guy's being charged for illegally funneling millions of dollars to the Clinton campaign, yet the story's opening sentence attempts to smear Trump with more Russia nonsense, and even features the POTUS' photo instead of Clinton's at the top. NBC is a disgrace. SMH...

The Beaver

More info on this duo:


BTW: Alaraby is KSA mouthpiece

as far as Nader, this is interesting (circa 1996):




The Democrats are staying in D.C. this weekend drafting their Articles of Impeachment. Those Articles of Impeachment will be presented to the House Judiciary next week, that's their intent anyway.

There was an active shooter situation at NAS Pensacola this morning, the shooter is dead. Base is in lock-down until the mess is cleaned up.


Trump should run on breaking up big media.


Sanders has already made that part of his platform.

The Beaver

"A member of the Saudi military training at U.S. Naval Air Station in Pensacola is the suspected shooter, according to 5 defense officials per @barbarastarrcnn and @davidgshortell. The investigators are looking into whether it was terror related, but it's still early in the probe."

From CNN


First order of business for Congress this morning was one hour of discussion of Resolution 326, endorsing the Two State solution of conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

Several Republicans rose in opposition to the Resolution, on the grounds that its wording was "biased against Israel," did not adequately call out bad deeds of Palestinians.

The hearing was an opportunity for Israel partisans to go on the record affirming their commitment to "Israel's security as a Jewish state," and to repeat for the gazillionth time the narrative that "Arabs wanted only to push Jews into the sea;" "America stands with Israel, always and forever," "the US - Israel relationship is good for US."

Among other things, Eliot Engel, first to speak on the Resolution, said two-state was the only solution, one-state being totally unacceptable because:
“Do you know what a 1-state solution means? It means a state where Jews can become the minority in their own country."

Code Pink member Ariel Gold replied:
"Yes, it does mean that. Imagine white people saying they must remain the US majority, or else America won't be democratic for us."
"Gee, Mr. Jewish Democrat @RepEliotEngel, what do we call it when people—white Americans, Christian Germans—say that they must remain the majority or else they will lose the country that G-d gave to them.
What is that term again Mr. Engel"



Why 2 states.punishment,thats why.naughty israel.fight for it,spend all that treasure building it up,create something out of nothing,has a historical connection to it going back at least a 1000 years,and some chump comes along and says you must give it back.
one state,a jewish state called israel.1 man one vote but 10 men make a minyan.

exiled off mainstreet

While I don't think he was elected by the Harpie, I know that the Clintons had been cordial with him in the past. His reelection campaign should be simply to oppose the Clintonism which enabled a sort of hostile takeover of the Democratic party. Trump's campaign should stress that at the present time, the party has come to represent perversion, sedition, and a rogue spy state. Left and right have nothing to do with it, since what was once the "left", sceptical of the military and spy states, has now become the unconditional cheering section for this rogue imperialist element, and identity politics now favors the perverse over the normal.



Hillary Clinton money launderers handed 53 Count Federal Criminal Indictment

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