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04 December 2019


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Low Church Episcopal was the sect of the true elites with Presbyterians thick in the western part of the state.


So Virginia was the best-educated member of CSA? The best generals came from Virginia, no?


Sorry I missed your response yesterday. What I'd noticed is the map I see shows what are presently Canada, Mexico, and the United States.


Intelligence is valued but applied to practical/pragmatic skills.

The Western edge of Yankeeland was populated by those that followed and preferred the frontier life and disliked the bad morals, big city, big egos, and slick ways of the over-governed East (Not my opinion just the one I was surrounded by growing up).


Because we only have red and blue to choose from. Cultural differences are harder to express in a binary system.



You either did not read the post or are not too swift .



The upper classes were actually better educated than in the North. SC had more Yale graduates than any Yankee State. We had a lot of good officers. If you read "Lee's Lieutenants" by Freeman you will understand. Thestate militia tradition was much stronger in the South and there were a number of excellent state military colleges.

ted richard

Throughout history all multi cultural/ethnic empires are held together by force of which educational propaganda in schools is but a velvet kind.

once the center fails in this case washington and their ability to control the narrative aka: propaganda....)(just ask cnn,nbc,cbs,nyt,wash post, et al about how much influence they have lost to control the official STORY) the various cultures within the previously glued together nation fly apart from centrifugal force.

this was evident as the ussr broke up and is now becoming evident here.


Wish you well on the cataract surgery, and assume that means the deriding procedure went well.

The Charlottesville event was a direct outcome of the systematic migration of New Yorkers and other persons not of the Old South into that charming town. Clinton's McAuliffe followed, then led. How sad for Virginia.


While you are right not to confuse "intelligence" with "education" (and I should have made my point better), what they prize in ND/SD/northern MN isn't really either.

Maybe "practical skills" is the word for it.

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