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03 December 2019


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Walrus, my two cents..just take away her iPhone..lol

16 degrees, today our high was 66 and were are dying down here.


glad I am not your daughter


I enjoyed that, it made me smile. Thankfully my teenage children are now at the end of their 40s. Thank you.



You have no idea how much. I like the commercial in which someone's round heeled daughter has left her bedroom window open so that her teen aged lover can climb in and screw her in her parents' house. Unfortunately the kid dropped his phone in the yard. The dog barked. Papa went out and found it and went to her room to return it to the kid. In my house that would have cost her a year of my support for college.


Disclaimer- this was written by Armstrong economics dot com, not be me.



You'll have to take potatoes off the menu; Ms Wokeness surely wouldn't want to culturally appropriate the staple crop of the indigenous peoples of South America.

Rick Merlotti

Great post, will share with Doom Prepper sister.


Just turn the 'cultural appropriation' back on her by suggesting that Africans give up refrigeration, anti-biotics, vaccines and the wheel.

Not only will this cause young brows to furrow, if implemented it would very quickly alleviate regional overpopulation.

Curtis Fromke

This might be of interest to your daughter. https://youtu.be/6o2CeLGqEzk


are we not allowed to rebut the science denial on this blog? why is that?



I will let you make your pitch so long as you are not disrespectful of the opinions of others. I warn you that charges of Ludditism against me or anyone else here will result in you being banned. The fact that people do not interpret the data as you do does not mean they are stupid. Keep that in mind. We are not students to be abused in some crackpot marxist's classroom.


"are we not allowed to rebut the science denial on this blog? why is that?"

Noticed he used the words "science denial". That kinda sorta sums up the position, doesn't it? That would suggest to me that he means to imply something more like "truth denial". But, I await, with bated breath, what he has to contribute in the way of rebuttal.


"We will replace her memory foam pillow top mattress, with a jute bag filled with straw, with a horse hair pillow."

OMG! I choked on my coffee when I read that!
Very funny.

John Minnerath

The best piece I've seen on the fallacies of the climate change fanatics.


Imagine the delight when she opens the handmade gifts from the family on Christmas Day!


If I remember right, I think Walrus is in Australia where they use centigrade, not Fahrenheit, which is around 60F

different clue

Thank you for the disclaimer. I was just going to have said: "freezing? Where is this? Up in the Snowy Blue Mountains?"


Ah yes, a modern classic


These climate kids are all little hypocrites. Luisa Neubauer, Green party climate activist and something like the German handler of Greta, had a public instagram page back when she started getting famous. The instagram profile is now scrubbed, but her initial omission earned her the nickname of "Long Distance Flight Luisa".

You can still find lots of compliations of her travel photos on youtube:


My favorite climate specific politics (unironically):

1: Minimize the number of wars. Pretty huge carbon/enviromental footprint of those and that is before someone blows up a chemical plant.

2: Eco restoration/local terraforming. Planting some damned forests can be done quite cheaply and it actually works. In particular, Russia should set a sizeable part of its not overly violent prison population to plant a lot of trees in the currently thawing permafrost parts (in return for lessened sentences assuming they werent sentenced to hard labor anyway). Seriously, what actually is bad about climate change is habitat destruction, and habitats can be recreated.

3: Renationalize public transportation, let public transportation be run be competent people who are paid according to how well the trains run. (Switzerland does that, best trainservice in Europe, fully state owned. Germany used to have good trains that it got privatized). I am aware that public transportation has a less good cost reward ration in the USA.

4: Make planned obsolenscence a criminal offense unless there are good non profit related reasons for it. (which can be the case in some situations)

5: Simply reduce our societal emphasis on profit, ideally back to the level it was in during the 50-70s. For a lot of business decisions, there is currently a legal requirement to go all in on short term profits over sustainability, long term thinking etc. These legal requirements should be changed/abolished. It is not an accident that, particularly in Germany, family owned firms frequently outperform shareholder controlled once because they think more longterm.

Essentially, society should incentivise different behaviour then it does right now.

Stephen Wiggins

Actually, Celsius not Centigrade. And I don't know where Walrus lives but it is 38 today with a forecast of 41 for tomorrow. Winter lasts about three weeks with overnight temperatures of minus three (daytime about 8). The rest of his piece I wholeheartedly endorse.

Stephen Wiggins

Dear Greta sailed across the Atlantic on a "carbon neutral vessel" constructed of carbon fibre, with dacron sails. Where in the natural environment, do carbon fibre and dacron grow?


I see another form of science denial among many people that accept the IPCC findings (and those like me, who think the IPCC may have greatly underestimated the risks). This denial is the idea that we could stop using fossil fuels if only everyone accepted the science, and that converting to renewable energy would solve the problem while allowing us to continue our societies and economies basically unchanged. AIS make some excellent proposals below, beginning with stopping wars, and all these are essential but probably insufficient. Radical decreases in consumption would be necessary for emissions anywhere close to "zero," as Walrus' article humorously illustrates. No Democrats are calling for that, and they are instead pushing for new cold wars with Russia and China on top of the Middle East wars of the past three decades. Colonel Lang may not agree that climate change is a problem, but he seems to have long advocated for less war which would have been good for the climate, not to mention the people of Iraq and the United States. Your average Democratic politician simultaneously laments the laughably inadequate Paris Accord while also pushing war with Russia and Syria, and now it seems China. This is science denial, in my view.

Somkuti Balint


I will share it with my dark green friends.


Why bother.Just tell her that she can save the planet from over population which is the main cause of man made destruction and simple choose to not have children.

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