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09 December 2019


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I opened the link to the entire report (courtesy of Keith Harbaugh, if I remember correctly) and read the executive summary and some fragments of the main text. Reading any legalese, (in addition not even in my native tongue) is a chore to me. But reading this one, I was taken aback by the deceptive prose, and I also noticed the strange similarity of Corney and Comey. Was that obvious repetitive error passed over to mislead readers? Two suspicions: 1. Mr. Horowitz produced this report after consultations with several ´grey eminences´ so that his consultations could remain totally confidential, without „evidentiary“, „documentary“, „witness“ traces. (those words are in the report, to me it is a naive, lame excuse for lack of evidence for malfeasance, as if only written words ´count´ - too naive for a top level legal minds).
2. These informal consultations might have been inspired by bipartisan concerns about the loss of control over corrupted agencies, because if they are corrupt, they can be corrupt for both parties…sooner or later. And another concern which might be a ´vis a tergo´ to produce a weasel paper (with hidden hedges and hidden accusations), is the fear of first civil / later racial unrest, if Pres. Obama and his entourage would be found out. Just my one cent of analysis.

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