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09 December 2019


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The Guardian had an interesting take Larry, here’s their headline.
“ Steele had 'personal' relationship with Ivanka Trump, DoJ report reveals
Former MI6 officer gifted her ‘family tartan from Scotland’
Steele was ‘favorably disposed’ to Trump family, report said



What this points out is that we cannot trust the DOJ and FBI anymore. Nor can we trust the FISC.

I was vehemently opposed to the Patriot Act and the FISA extensions. My worst fears then have been proven. Unfortunately the establishment and leadership of both parties are complicit in this abuse of extraordinary powers given law enforcement. Nothing short of complete removal of all these draconian authorities will do. In fact every FISA warrant should be fully examined by SCOTUS and juries should treat all testimony and evidence by the FBI and DOJ with great skepticism.


In other words, all the FBI committed were sins of omission.

You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter.


In total agreement. Good summation. Thank you for getting on top of this. So much that was damning and so many false notes.

That "Russian" ruse right in the beginning in this report follows both the Mueller report and the Impeachment hearings total refusal to even mention Crowdstrike. How can any report or hearing conclude "investigations established the Russians hacked the DNC", when NO official investigation was ever conducted. That was a Horowitz fatal oversight a rookie error -which makes it far more sinister than it should be. Again, the Crowstrike abuse is the dog they still keep from barking.

One can also quickly tell when reading MSM articles and commentary that few to none of them even read the executive summary, let alone the full report which as you point out is quite damning.

Instead they substitute their own carefully parsed straw dog arguements that were not even on the table. Shaed of Barry Soetoro and his "some people say" arguments.

To conclude all "right wing" conspiracies about the origins of this very sorry incident have been totally debunked is intentionally misleading and intentionally evasive.. This is shocking really, as the report so very carefully lays out real abuses, systematic abuses and no one within the FBI gets off as competent, if not factually vindictive in the entire report.

I remain quite stunned at the depth of wrong-doing, explained only by claer anti-Trump bias this report contains, that they somehow claim is not "partisan" - again carefully parsing words?. Only partisan (aka anti-Trump) bias and plenty of personal bias is the only justification for this entire sorry chapter to have been initiated in the first place - wholly insufficient investigation the prequel before they claim they started CrossFire Hurricane.

Clearly everything flowed from their upfront bias - Orange Man Bad. Orange Man cannot be trusted. Get Orange Man. Compromise Orange Man. Unload every piece of dirt you have on Orange Man. Shades of Kavanaugh - the Democrat politics of personal destruction at it again.

Indeed, Barr and Durham were forced to intervene today simply due to the egregious spin coming from the anti-Trump Democrat sympathizers. Just like Mueller was forced to do as well, when Democrat spin was undermining the substance of his (highly flawed) report.

Whatever happened to our country, our shining city on the hill when you have this Democrat two ring circus assaulting us and the world from all sides. Has America gone totally mad? Talk about undermining national security. These Democrat partisan stunts are leaving us wide open to both friend and foe, simply because of one event - the full and fair election of Donald Trump.

The only upside is perhaps this will slow down illegal border crashers who will decide to take their chances in Lower Slobovia instead of coming to this current Democrat-run clown show we used to call our hallowed land.


FBI did commit sins by commission as well as omission, as well as intentionally distorting the Crowdstrke investigation. .

However there is a video online of some wild and crazy science guys who took on the challenge and did in fact polish some compacted excrement - which is pretty much what the MSM is doing right now too. I would not say they are polishing it, but squeezing it through their fingers and smearing it on the walls.


It would seem that whoever the "we" are who deemed that neither "political bias" nor "improper motivation" were factors in applying for the FISA warrants suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Why ELSE would the FBI lie, withhold exculpatory evidence, and willfully ruin innocent peoples' lives?


Larry, Colonel,

FBI Didn't Tell Surveillance Court That Carter Page Was ‘Operational Contact’ For CIA With ‘Positive Assessment’


Stephen Richter

has anyone asked Comey if Obama, Holder and/or Lynch were informed as to the FBI investigations? Obviously, Comey and Brennan were doing what Obama wanted done. Very frustrating that Republicans in Congress have been so lame at getting to the bottom of all of this.


One would have to be a complete idiot to walk into a meeting and ask the President of the United States to step into another room and tell him there are statements being made that he participated in some Golden Showering in Russia, without first checking the facts, but that is what that IDIOT Comey did. This idiot has allowed the FBI to fall lower in esteem than the D.C. Garbage Collectors but at least the Garbagemen get their job done on time. Idiocy should be a crime.

Diana C

Thank you for this excellent report.

I am afraid, however, that the reading level of your report is far too high for the middle school level of comprehension of most of the people who report the news nowadays or of those who read or listen to the news.

They will wait for the likes of Adam Schiff to do a dramatic interpretation (parody) of the report to match his dramatic interpretation of Trump's phone call with Ukraine.

I am currently awaiting a call from the Social Security Administration, which has somehow determined that I make more than twice as much money a year than I actually make. Let's hope I can explain their mistake in third-grade language to help them see where THEY have gone wrong.

Or... perhaps I can convince them to arrange for me to provide the income they claim I have.


I guess that Comey feels exonerated, because his name does not appear anywhere in the IG's report. The report does mention a person named "CORNEY." One can demonstrate this by copying that name from anywhere in the report, and pasting it into a text document with a different font, a serif one especially, and the name "CORNEY" will be apparent. This has been dismissed as an OCR machine error. Much fodder for conspiracy theorists.


When Comey and the rest of the deep state start with the premise and prejudice Orange Man is Bad, they don't need to check out anything because they already decided of course this is true.

Orange Man Bad - Orange Man engages in Golden Showers. B follows A - it is elementary. So maybe they were not politically biased to support claim of partisan bias. But they were clearly personally biased from the very beginning which tainted every single thing they did from step one onwards. Orange Man Bad.


That's funny. I thought upper level FBI leadership and its failed oversight that allowed these abuses to occur for so long was another way of saying James Comey.

Patrick Armstrong

Actually, you can polish a turd. Watch WaPo/NYT/CNN/MSNBC do it.


Takes some time though.

Terence Gore


Viktor Shokin: "Biden was Outraged That We Seized Burisma Assets"

from Kuntsler Blog


Interesting second video linked in article has been removed. Lutsenko interviewed and he said "Ambassador Yovanvitch was specific on who he could not investigate

Found here on OAN



I called the FBI about something before. The level of idiocy I heard on the other end of the phone floored me.

Eric Newhill

No. You cannot trust govt - any aspect of it - and you never could. There's nothing new about any of this, except perhaps the level of in-your-faceness.

No one is going down for any of this. There was never an iota of a chance. Only outsiders are punished.

Larry and Col Lang may be honorable men, but they lent their honor to scumbags and they'd like to believe othewise.


Eric Newhill

"may be honorable men," One mor nail in the coffin lid of SST.



wtf? What the hell did you ever do for the Republic?


I opened the link to the entire report (courtesy of Keith Harbaugh, if I remember correctly) and read the executive summary and some fragments of the main text. Reading any legalese, (in addition not even in my native tongue) is a chore to me. But reading this one, I was taken aback by the deceptive prose, and I also noticed the strange similarity of Corney and Comey. Was that obvious repetitive error passed over to mislead readers? Two suspicions: 1. Mr. Horowitz produced this report after consultations with several ´grey eminences´ so that his consultations could remain totally confidential, without „evidentiary“, „documentary“, „witness“ traces. (those words are in the report, to me it is a naive, lame excuse for lack of evidence for malfeasance, as if only written words ´count´ - too naive for a top level legal minds).
2. These informal consultations might have been inspired by bipartisan concerns about the loss of control over corrupted agencies, because if they are corrupt, they can be corrupt for both parties…sooner or later. And another concern which might be a ´vis a tergo´ to produce a weasel paper (with hidden hedges and hidden accusations), is the fear of first civil / later racial unrest, if Pres. Obama and his entourage would be found out. Just my one cent of analysis.

Larry Johnson

Scumbags? The only scumbag is you.

Eric Newhill

What republic?

I see a borderless land mass controlled by unaccountable bureaucrats and lying politicians that hold the people in contempt, supported by a lying media, populated by an increasing number of people who are educated to despise the fundamental law of the land as well as its ideals and the men who conceived of it all.

There's no going back, Fred. A thousand honorable men working under a Clapper, Comey, Brennan - whoever is filling the suit/uniform/desk today or tomorrow - can't stop an Iraq invasion, an endless war in Afghanistan, the murder of thousands of Christians in Syria in a misguided effort to depose the elected leader of the country, a coup plot in the USA or even get corroding bridges in Peoria repaired. I don't see any George Marshalls that one could report to. The republic is a faded memory at this point and if you make enough noise, the scumbags will bury you. It's been trending that way, hard, for at least 20 years.

Eric Newhill

Intended to be read with the connotation "Are honorable men, but are/were working for a system thoroughly controlled by scumbags".

I had to make a road trip for work on Monday and I listened to the impeachment hearings for almost eight straight hours. Then was scanning the "news" yesterday evening. That experience colored my attitude. As I said to Fred, I am not so sure there is any longer a republic to which to dedicate one's honor and allegiance. That was the spirit of my comment.

East Indian

The agencies are in control, not the politicians.


Eric Newhill

You cannot insult me and expect me to consider you a friend.

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