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05 December 2019


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"Hamilton spoke clearly but the Democrats and their constitutional scholars were tone deaf."


What the Democrats don't get is that by "weaponizing" impeachment as just another partisan political tool, as Rep. Al Green noted that they need to impeach Trump or else he'll be re-elected, that what goes around comes around. They will now normalize that either party that has a majority in the House can impeach a President of the opposing party for any or no reason. The impeachment inquiry can now be made into a completely partisan affair with the opposing party and the accused President having no due process rights. We have now devolved into complete Banana Republic status and the two centuries of constitutional norms have been completely shredded. We have also now entered into straight out partisan warfare with no guideposts like the constitution to temper the behavior of the political, governmental and business leadership. Naked power is what's it all about from now on.

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