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05 December 2019


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Why is Nancy in a rush? I suppose since she’s got the votes to impeach on a purely partisan party line vote she may as well get it done sooner than later. And pass the ball to Mitch.

The NeverTrump media will have a field day as the amplify quotes from Romney and the other Republican senators who will vote to convict. The question is what process will Mitch follow, will he give Trump the right to call witnesses and cross examine which was denied him by Nancy. Will Mitch match Nancy’s partisanship in the impeachment trial?

My question will Trump have the balls to call Obama as a witness to testify under oath to get to what did he know and when in relation to Spygate? Will Trump attempt to prove to the Senate that there has been a pattern of abuse to frame him even before he was elected? The rubber is gonna meet the road soon enough as the Senate trial begins and we learn what rules Mitch gonna apply. Will 20 Republican senators join the Democrats to convict him?

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