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16 December 2019


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My guess, as a result of living in the Tri-Cities near the Hanford Site in Washington is that our area would be quite open to serving as a test site if the state would let us. In fact, we may have appropriately designated areas available.

Norbert M Salamon

TTG: thanks for exposition of the new development in the USA nuclear power generation issues.

Nuclear power generation is a necessity in the age of decline of fossil fuel created base power supply.

To wit: nuclear power [be it miniature, molten salt, thorium or other ] can operate 24/7 which is not possible with wind, tide, or sunlight systems.

The technical problems are solvable, the problem lies with the anti-nuclear propaganda inspired resistance in the western [read OECD] countries.

Both China and Russia are doing major new installations and development of non hot water based systems.



" non hot water based systems "? How many hydro plants are they building? How much capacity will they have and how does that compare to the 121 gigawatts of coal under construction?

Stephen McIntyre

I visited the 1964 World's Fair in NYC as well. Didn't get any irradiated watermelon seeds though.

Peter Williams

Never heard of Synroc? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synroc



Food irradiation has been around for a long time. It hasn't quite taken off commercially. Gamma radiation from cobalt 60 is what was being used in the plant built in Florida when I was in grad school.



Fred this will answer many of your questions.


The thin skins were not due to the irradiation. While it is theoretically possible, if skin thickness is controlled by a single gene and it can be changed by one or two single nucleotide mutations, it is unrealistic to think exactly same event happened in all the seeds.

Norbert Salamon

Sorry Fred was not clear,
I was referring to nuclear power generation plants without using water within the reactor. There is gas based units in India, research on molten salt, breeder reactors[I do not know how they work in Russia, etc.
Yes I am aware that China is building hydroelectric dams which also work 24/7 [most of the time].

The Twisted Genius

Fred, that irradiation killed off bacteria on the food to preserve it. I think I remember some camping food that used the process. The irradiated seeds were a nuclear roll of the dice to delight us kids who dreamed of growing some wild genetic mutation. Feed me, Seymore!

The Twisted Genius

JJackson, I'm sure that's true. Even as a kid, I had the sneaking suspicion that all midget watermelons of that variety had thin skins. But the thought of growing radiation induced mutants was exciting to a young kid. Encouraging that kind of excitement is how you produce curious explorers. Like I told Fred, feed me Seymore!

Patrick Armstrong

FYI the Russian floating plant just produced its first power in Chukotka (which is about as isolated a place as can be found)

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