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20 December 2019


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Ya'll need a FB "share" button. I have been manually cutting and pasting and word seems to be getting around, but if it can be made easier....



I don't know if you care to comment on this, but I met a marine 10 years ago who talked about how he was administrating Windows Server when he was in the corps. I was flabbergasted. I don't understand why more effort has not been put into running a secure OS - something with a microkernel architecture and an application stack and GUI fully locked down with Mandatory Access Control. I presume that the assumption is that any advances we make will be quickly matched by Iran, Russia, and China, and that leadership is more interested in offence than defence.

Ghost Ship

But aren't we constantly being told by the Borg that Russia is about to invade Western Europe and America, so shouldn't defence be more important? Somebodies lying here.

Ghost Ship

Has anybody seem the paw prints (software)? You'd think that Crowdstrike would copy the software to that they and others could examine it. Also, I know it may seem trivial but why haven't they given it a name to avoid confusion with other software? They seem to have given names to everything else but not the software. Every virus seems to be given a name. So perhaps we can "assess" that the software doesn't actually exist because there is nothing worth naming.

The Twisted Genius

JamesT, long ago NSA/CSS developed SELinux, a locked down version of Linux now available as open source software for almost every flavor of Linux. I don't know if NSA even tries to do such security research today. What's the use. Leadership in our government lack the drive and discipline to to move to a truly secure IT architecture. For a time Germany switched to Linux, but several states have already switched back to Windows. It's a matter of familiarity. The people who buy software for the USG never had security as their top concern and were easy prey for Microsoft salespeople when the switch was made back in the 90s.

You're also right about our leadership preferring offense over defense. Offense is just sexier. Once we had a DoD organization dedicated to network defense, JTF-CND. I worked closely with them providing HUMINT support to CND. It appears that mission was largely overshadowed when the defensive mission was subsumed into CYBERCOM.

The Twisted Genius

Ghost Ship, funny you mention that. NATO has been developing a Resistance Operating Concept as a deterrence to perceived potential Russian aggression against Nordic-Baltic-Polish territory. I applaud the move, not because I fear any Russian invasion, but because a purely defensive posture in Europe would remove a perceived threat to Russia. It's really not a new concept. It's how Lithuania kept her culture and society intact under Soviet occupation. It's what we lived for in 10th SFG(A).



The Twisted Genius

David Habakkuk, thanks for highlighting that article. The links between Pilsudski and Dzerzhinsky are quite interesting. Lithuanians, as Balts rather than Slavs, are very conscious of being surrounded by a sea of Slavs. I was aware of the animosity between Poles and Lits when I was growing up. My grandfather would talk of fights between Polish and Lithuanian gin mills in Waterbury of the 30s. Because of the long history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, this puzzled me. But I didn't realize the depth of this animosity toward Pilsudski until I visited the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture in Chicago. Pilsudski is viewed as the devil incarnate for his invasion of the newly independent Lithuania. Lithuanian animosity towards Dzerzhinsky and Russians is rooted in obvious causes.


Isn't your Republic worth some cut & paste? Putting SST on facebook's radar is a good way to get banned systematically by FB, Tw, et al. Ya know what time it is in the Land of the "Free"? The Endtime, friend.

Mark McCarty

Indeed I did!

I think the key question is - when did US intelligence tip off the DNC about the impending leak? MY guess is that this occurred in late March, after the NSA intercepted the preliminary communications between Seth and Wikileaks that Sy Hersh's source made reference to. In other words, the DNC was informed that an employee was about to leak their emails, and at that point Crowdstrike was brought in to fake a Russian hack.

The alternative is that there actually was a hack - by Russian or others - just at the time that Seth was planning to leak. That would be too much of a coincidence for my taste. I believe that the hack was faked - as you maintain - to deceive the public about the impending leak.

Have you seen the analysis on Adam Carters' website showing that two-thirds of the malware implanted on the DNC system was compiled AFTER Crowdstrike was brought in to fix the "hack"? This is very consistent with the thesis that Crowdstrike (or CIA working with Crowdstrike) faked the hack.


Do you normally wait a month or only when foreign governments are in your server right before an election, since that's what the DNC claims?

The Twisted Genius

Fred, some companies put off dealing with penetrations indefinitely unless it impacts operations. Most companies keep the fact that they've been penetrated to themselves. The goal is continuity of operations, not cleaning the penetration.

The Twisted Genius

Blue, all those people lied to the American people. That's not a crime, even for the purpose of getting us into a war. If lying to the public was a crime, Trump would be in deep shit.

The Twisted Genius

Elora Danan, I'm a born and bred American, a New Englander to be more specific. Now I'm doing my best to fit into my Virginia home. My heritage is Lithuanian and I'm quite proud of it.

Merry Christmas to you, querida mía.

Oscar Peterson

I have wondered ever since the initial claims by the Democratic Party and the computer security firms who were acting as its surrogates why the GRU would be involved in this kind of collection anyway. Not really their line of country. I believe the FSB has its own SIGINT/cyberwarfare capabilities.


Facebook remains private "free enterprise" which also comes the market force privilege of being stupid, petty and/or arrogant. Facebook is not yet a public utility. Life exists outside of any of these private high volume but shallow media enterprises.

David Ryan

Note the current domain owner is Google LLC which appears quite strange. Also note you cannot purchase a domain with bitcoin on domains.google.com.


TTG, many thanks to you and to David Habakkuk for these comments. In Poland before WW2, Pilsudski was also not liked by many Poles, he famously said (if I remember correctly what I heard from my father, who lived in those times and spoke Polish) "Poles are a nation of idiots"... But for many Poles he was a great statesman, in league with De Gaulle. History would probably be different if he had not died of stomach cancer in mid 1930´s.



The DNC, as a profit making exercise, seems to have adopted the Enron standard of ethics.


I remember a report at the time from a critic of the Russian intelligence claim. It was said the particular piece of malware that Crowdstrike claimed proved it was Russian was an older version of a Ukrainian malware commonly available to anybody who wanted to download it. They apparently did make copies available for people to examine, but I don't remember the details.


> Julian Assange and people who spoke to him indicate that the person was Seth Rich.

I can't find any of the contemporary stories -- my Google-fu is just inadequate and I didn't bookmark any of them at the time -- but I could swear that both Julian Assange and Craig Murray were very emphatic that their source was NOT Seth Rich, but that, yes, the material was delivered to them on a thumb drive by an individual whose identity they knew.


As I recall, an investigator going by the name 'The Forensicator' argued that the faking of the Russian fingerprints went awry because the perpetrators were unaware that the Moscow time zone had altered daylight saving time that year - something which would have been obvious to anyone physically in Moscow. That glitch is described at https://theforensicator.wordpress.com/guccifer-2s-west-coast-fingerprint/
Anyone interested in G2 who hasn't already looked at The Forensicator's website might find it useful to do so.


Oct 2019 - NBC News spins the "debunked" Crowdstrike conspiracy which they claim used "fake documents" to claim it was not the Russians who hacked the DNC computers.

Any comment on this NBC spin, LJ? It is a very tightly written document - pre-emptive on all points -- and emphasizes over and over and over anything other than the official government Crowdstrike conclusions are the only conclusions. Everything else is a debunked right wing conspiracy.

(NBC News)....... "But the fake documents proved effective in perpetuating the CrowdStrike theory. The fake documents found their way to a group of former intelligence officials called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity led by William Binney, a whistleblower who used to work at the National Security Agency.

Binney pushed the conspiracy theory several times on Fox News and, at the request of Trump, met with then-CIA Director and current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the theory. Binney has since disavowed the veracity of the documents after viewing the files’ metadata."

LJ, I thought it was the "meta-data" that proved just the opposite.

Larry Johnson

NBC News? Now there is a new oxymoron. Binney is not discussing a "theory." The tactic of these fascists is to label anything that challenges their bullshit propaganda as a "conspiracy theory." The documents that Wikileaks posted from the DNC contain the relevant metadata showing conclusively that they are all in FAT format. Meaning? Were downloaded/copied to a storage device, such as a thumbdrive.

With respect to NBC News there is no arguing with stupid. Unlike a mentally incapacitated person who operates at the level of a five year old, NBC has no medical excuse for this kind of retarded conduct.

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