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20 December 2019


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LJ bottom line: "The only intelligence agency that evidence indicates was meddling via cyber attacks in the 2016 Presidential election was the CIA, not the GRU."

Paul Damascene

Larry, thanks -- vital clarifications and reminders. In your earlier presentation of this material did you not also distinguish between the way actually interagency assessments are titled, and ICA which seemed to have been framed to allow journalists or the unwary to link the ICA with more rigorous standards used by more authentic assessments?


Thank you Larry. You have discovered one more vital key to the conspiracy. We now need the evidence of Julian Assange. He is kept incommunicado and He is being tortured by the British in jail and will be murdered by the American judicial system if he lasts long enough to be extradited. You can be sure he will be “Epsteined” before he appears in open court because he knows the source of what Wikileaks published. Once he is gone, mother Clinton is in the clear.

Ghost Ship

I can understand the GRU or SVR hacking the DNC and other e-mail servers because as intelligence services that is their job, but can anyone think of any examples of Russia (or the Soviet Union) using such information to take overt action?
With the Russians not having the advantages that the NSA does (back doors in all US-designed network hardware/software and taps all over the internet), would Russia reveal anything unless it involved an immediate major national security threat. I doubt that would cover Trump.


MSM is pretty much trashing Assange as now badly aged, deranged old man. Who would ever believe his disturbed rantings at this point of calculated media. destruction? Nice piece of work, MSM.

However, the minimum he could offer is to identify who gave him the files - not how they were obtained or why.

As often mentioned here, if Seth Rich were identified as the person Assange knew obtained and transferred these files to WikiLeaks, Democrats would of course need to have defensive interference already in place - just the deranged rantings of mentally disturbed old man.

Move along, nothing to see here folks.

scott s.

I've mucked around some in localization/internationalization and the idea that adding any particular unicode character to a computer file requires some sort of specialized hardware (like a keyboard) is really laughable. It would be a little more believable if an unusual character encoding was used like GB 18030 or Windows code page 936 (for Chinese) or 1251 (for Cyrillic).


SO, to assist Crowdstrike's efforts, "On the afternoon of Friday, June 10, all DNC employees were instructed to leave their laptops in the office."

Was this typical protocol when it comes to investigating possible hacking or were they looking for a leaker?

blue peacock

The big question: Has Durham convened a grand jury or is he just planing another report?

On the conspiracy front: Apparently Mifsud is dead, so say some Italian journalists. Has he been epsteined too?

Then there is the Intercept story that Adm. Rogers has been voluntarily cooperating with Durham.

In any case, I'm really curious if Durham's playing Sherlock Holmes and uncovering the various threads of this fascinating story of alleged meddling by law enforcement & intelligence agencies in several countries in a presidential election and the framing of an opposition presidential campaign and then president as a Manchurian Candidate.

No doubt Hollywood material if Durham lays it all out. Could beat All the Presidents Men!


Maybe they were worried someone had bear spray in their purse of backpack, when Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear showed and put their paw prints on the DNC computers.

Diana C

I was busy today and didn't get to this until late. Thanks for the memories. I believe you were one person who could see clearly and early what was happening with these "leaks."

I am a bit sad that our CIA, along with our FBI, have become so political.

And now I sit hear listening to television talking heads complain that the House Democrats are being too political rather than doing their jobs of legislating.

I would hate to be teaching a Civics/Government class right now. It would be more confusing and less interesting to high school students than all the information about the blue dress during the Clinton administration. But it's far more important for younger, future voters to understand.

The Twisted Genius

AkaPatience, that is exactly how it is done. Once the decision is made to totally clean the network, it has to be done to EVERY computer and device on the network. Hackers leave dormant code throughout the network that allows them to reenter the network after they are booted out.


Thank you. I suspected you would answer my question!

Ed Snack

Other points to note:

1. G2 released nothing remotely damaging to the DNC, the first document was even the DNC’s oppo file on DJT
2. G2 did some copying and compress/decompress on files. Imbedded timestamps strongly suggest a US Timezone location
3. G2 released some files claiming to be from the DNC, but which demonstrably came from John Podesta’s account
4. G2 did not claim to be involved with the Podesta account, which was phished and not hacked as such
5. As an aside, both the Fancy and Cosy Bear packages had been available for third parties to obtain since 2013-4 or so. So their use is not proof of Russian involvement. One or other has been used in bank exploits before 2016.

I believe that G2 is arguably US based (the timestamps are reasonably conclusive), and is either CIA or Crowdstrike. The existence of G2 is a diversionary one to strengthen the case for blaming the Russians. It may be connected to wanting to divert attention from Seth Rich and his subsequent murder, but may not be - that is Seth Rich’s death may be just an unfortunate coincidence, we have inadequate information to conclude either way.

Stephen McIntyre

Larry, what do you make of the analysis of bit.ly links done by Secureworks, reported by Raphael Satter and noted in Mueller indictment?

blue peacock


"I am a bit sad that our CIA, along with our FBI, have become so political."

I believe they've always been both political and deceitful.

J. Edgar Hoover, famously kept files on all the political and business elite, which would have been handy for blackmail. Then there are "rumors" that he played an integral role with McCarthy on the "red scare", which was a precursor to Russia Collusion. As Col. Lang has noted FBI and DOJ have railroaded many American citizens.

The CIA has a long sordid history of mayhem around the world all in the name of fighting communism and spreading democracy. Helping install dictators and instigating coups. I am sure that what Brennan did using the CIA for domestic purposes is not the first time.

That is why I am so disappointed in Trump that he has not declassified ALL of Spygate. It is high time for the American people to see how these people operate unfettered in the dark, protected by the national security state.


Sara Carter has the current story about Jospeh Mifsud alleged second reported demise, after his allleged first demise reported a few years ago, as the Russiagate story was just breaking. Second demise now that Russiagate story is concluding.

With this new Italian twist ,this should it be called Mifsud:The Second Coming - writen as an opera buffo, in three acts: https://saraacarter.com/italian-prosecutors-believe-that-joseph-mifsud-the-man-who-started-russiagate-is-dead/

Papadopolus reports of Mifsud's death are greatly exaggerated. And the curtain will soon be going up on his third act. Could this be the CIA disinformation coup crew working overtime?

I guess we wait to get the real story from CNN.


In any case, I'm really curious if Durham's playing Sherlock Holmes and uncovering the various threads of this fascinating story of alleged meddling by law enforcement & intelligence agencies in several countries ...

vaguely reminds me of the Iraq war intelligence European collection networks Italy (niger papers), Germany (curveball, passed on with strong warnings as to source), Paris (...), London (the student paper).

And yes, Powell's (mis)use of Blix and El Baradei was pretty sick too ... Oh, well, I guess that's politics.

Whatever the outcome it surely seems to have all the components for a perfect good vs the evil tale, innocents and villains. ... Lock them up, drain the liberal swamp?

Patrick Armstrong

Pedantic point Феликс Эдмундович Дзержинский
Feliks (Felix) Edmundovich (son of Edmund) Dzerzhinskiy
is the Russianised version of the Polish
Feliks Dzierżyński

And just to show how how small the world is, he was a school with Piłsudski (and Kerenskiy's father was the teacher of the young Lenin)

(In fact the Bolshevik world seems to have been as small as the conspirators' world. Anybody know a Russian woman we can put in the same room as Flynn so we can create the story that Putin has set a honey trap? Yeah says Halper, there's one right here in Cambridge. Anybody know a Russian we can put in the same room as Trump junior? Yeah says Simpson, there's this Russian lawyer who's part of our lobbying efforts. Anybody got Putin's niece? Yeah, says Mifsud, I've got a student who can be her.)

Patrick Armstrong

Speaking of "Putin's niece", this, from the Daily Beast is a reminder of how all this crap was spun. Worth a read given what we all know now.


To me that is the giveaway that people are trying to bullshit the general public, and don't mind that a few techies will see through it.

I need a special keyboard to insert cyrillic? не смеши меня!

blue peacock

If there was anyone who should have been impeached, it was George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and George Tenet, who was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom, for assisting Cheney in the Iraq WMD lies.

But...what did Nancy say then?

Nancy Pelosi: I Knew Bush Jr Was Lying About WMD To Start War, But Didn’t See It As Impeachable


David Habakkuk

An interesting article 2012 in the ‘Baltic Times’, headlined ‘Dialogues between Dzerzhinsky and Pilsudski’ reports on a play by Arvydas Juozaitis, who is apparently a ‘Riga-based Lithuanian philosopher, writer and former Lithuanian diplomat’.

(See https://www.baltictimes.com/news/articles/30494/ .)

In it, apparently, the pair renew what was probably an early acquaintance when they both attended the same Russian school in Vilnius, in Purgatory, and attempt to justify the very different courses they followed to each other.

It is interesting that Juozaitis portrays both as having started out as what one might call ‘Polonised Lithuanians.’ According to the report:

‘Both were born into the families of Lithuanian nobility. Both families, as is custom, possessed picturesque coats of arms of the family. Both families were of Lithuanian origin: Dzerzhinsky, rather historically (he was born near Minsk) due to his noble roots, while Pilsudski could be called ethnic Lithuanian (he was born in Zalavas, not far from Vilnius), but both of them chose to be Poles.’

Even more interesting, to my mind, is the fact that we see an – obviously intelligent – Lithuanian nationalist suggesting that Dzerzhinsky’s adoption of Bolshevism may have been underpinned by agendas not so different from those of Pilsudski.

What appears at first sight to be a radical gulf between the two men, Juozaitis appears to suggest, was essentially about the most promising means of implementing what might be described as a ‘Polish-Polish Lithuanian revanchist’ agenda.

The ‘Baltic Times’ report makes crystal clear the view of the play’s author that this was a dispute over means, not ends. It also appears to suggest that ultimately both men were more Lithuanian than either Bolshevik or Polish:

‘The performance by Juozaitis presents dialogues between Dzerzhinsky and Pilsudski in Purgatory, which was placed by Juozaitis, in the drama, under the foundation of the building of Gate of Dawn, the Vilnius Catholic shrine with its miraculous painting of St. Mary.

‘Theater actors Gediminas Storpirstis and Aleksas Kazanavicius played the roles of Pilsudski and Dzerzhinsky, presenting some pieces of the “The Heart in Vilnius.”

‘“I wanted to conquer Moscow and to create Rzeczpospolita [the Polish word meaning ‘republic’ and referring to the historical commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania] with you, not with Lenin and Stalin,” Kazanavicius-Dzerzhinsky said, talking further about “the Vilnius empire,” and adding, “I was lonely in the sea of Slavs.”

‘“And Poles are not Slavs?” Storpirstis-Pilsudski asked.’


Hollywood would never make a film that could potentially cast their Lord & Savior (Obama) or any of his christened disciples in a bad light.

Mark McCarty

Here's a key point - on April 12, Assange announces that Wikileaks will soon be releasing info pertinent to Hillary. HE DOES NOT SAY THAT HE WILL BE RELEASING DNC EMAILS. And yet, on April 14, Crowdstrike reports a Russian hack of the DNC servers - and a day later, Guccifer 2.0 emerges and proclaims himself to be the hacker, takes credit for the upcoming Wikileaks DNC releases, publishes the Trump oppo research which Crowdstrike claimed he had taken, and intentionally adds "Russian footprints" to his metadata. So how did Crowdstrike and G2.0 know that DNC EMAILS would be released? Because, as Larry postulates, the US intelligence community had intercepted communications between Seth Rich and Wikileaks in which Seth had offered the DNC emails (consistent with the report of Sy Hersh's source within the FBI). So US intelligence tipped off the DNC that their emails were about to be leaked to Wikileaks. That's when the stratagem of attributing the impending Wikileaks release to a Russian hack was born - distracting from the incriminating content of the emails, while vilifying the Deep State's favorite enemies, Assange and Russia, all in one neat scam.

Larry Johnson

I think you meant to write JUNE 12 vis April 12.

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