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24 December 2019


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Sans Racines

May peace be upon us all when all is said and done. Thanks once again for this annual post Col. Lang.


I highly recommend reading Parkman's France and England in North America, the sections on Brebeuf's life and final martyrdom are especially moving.

Diana C

I must also thank you for posting this remembrance of Christmas during the Vietnam War. I am always left humble, as a female, because of what men who have gone to war--any war, any time--ave experienced. And now that I am too old, I also feel admiration for the young women who join the military.

I send prayers for all our young people who are in the military today and especially to those who are in the field where they may be in danger.

I also give special prayers of gratitude to my personal friends who served in Vietnam. They served well and honorably but often came home to suffer the disdain and ingratitude from people their own age who blamed them for going, as if it had been an evil thing they did.

I have an appointment to meet some of my classmates the day after Christmas for coffee, including several of those men who served. I will be sure to express my gratitude again to them for their service.

Your written account of that Christmas in Vietnam was quite moving. Thank you!

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