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24 December 2019


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Hey sir. I love stories like this. I got a sudden tightness in the chest when you mentioned the 525 MI Group, since I was with the 525 MI Bn, in OIF-1.

Merry Christmas, and may all the rest be dsturbed by nothing more than angels.

Patrick Lang


I was the CO of A/3/525 MIG that year. I don't think the present 525 MIB has any institutional memory that we did clan HUMINT in VN. pl

Chad Spawr

Nice site. YOu mentioned LTC Ray Suarez. He was PSA at Song Be; I knew him as PSA at MACV 47 at An Loc. He was a fine officer who I respected very much. I was very sorry when I learned he had been murdered in Song Be.

Buzz Meeks

Merry Christmas to all.

Buzz Meeks

Charles I

A wonderful story, don't try not to post it again too hard.

I must be sleepwalking, I hadn't even been here yet today and yet I've posted!

What a crazy year.

One and all, please have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My most fervent wish is that next year will be as wonderful for you as this past year has been to me.

For all with friends, family, community, for all our fellows fighting far from home this year, I break training and pray to your Gods for their succor and safe delivery back to you.

Hi Ashby, however, wherever, you are. Woof Woof. All dogs go to Heaven, and if they're lucky, their masters do too. You're in good company.


Thank you for posting this and for creating a Christmas tradition for SST.

This site is a welcome alternative to the bullet-point "analysis" one gets elsewhere.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Year.


Love the story. Like Maureen, I'm going to send it out this year.

Thanks for providing a small oasis of sanity. Merry Christmas to you, and to all the fine people who post here.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Thank you, all, for not moralizing. Oral Roberts has a football team playing in the Fish Bowl.

"Master, you just broke my leg." Epictetus--as I remember. Must find that book.

David Habakkuk

I agree with Charles I: 'A wonderful story, don't try not to post it again too hard.'

Merry Christmas to all, and let us hope for a less crazy New Year!


Col. Lang,

Just discovered your blog, great story. Have a merry Christmas.

Michael Torpey

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all. Thank you Col. Lang for posting your Christmas story. It reminds me of soldiers and sailors who spend Christmas far from home.

Larry Mitchell

COL Lang,

I always look forward to your Christmas, Veteran's Day and Memorial Day posts. They always switch on a certain part of my mind that connects me with 1967-1968.

My old battalion, 4/9th Infantry, has been reactivated and deployed to Iraq a couple times. The Vietnam era Manchus have now more or less adopted the present day Manchus, and we have found many ways to support them and their families. It makes the old men feel good, and hopefully helps the young ones get through the day.

Thanks for all you do with this blog. I like to think I'm a little smarter from following it, but I doubt that I could prove it.

For my part, you can post this every year. The grunts know that a good war story never gets worn out.

Keep Up the Fire

Larry Mitchell B/4/9


I like seeing the story every year, like Rudolph and Yukon Cornelius.

It's a true, happy story in a place that is more generally known for the true and less cheerful. Thanks for it and the rest of the year.

sic semper Santa

Maureen Lang

Merry Christmas, everyone, & best wishes for a prosperous 2010.

CWZ asked in last year's comments upthread if Pat's hooch turned out to be drinkable or flammable. Why not both? Your question, Zoomie, reminded me of a co-worker's remark to my husband when recommending a snort of his own home brew- "It's real tasty. Gotta watch how you store it though since you can light a cigar on the fumes at 50 yards" (he wasn't joking btw).

Happy Holidays to all.

Patrick Lang


First we drank the Mumms Cordon Rouge Brut. Then we drank a few bottle of pink brut that someone brought.

Then we drank the hootch. pl


This site is a learning experience. I am thankful that the Colonel provides us with this service. Merry Christmas to everyone!

RAISER William

No need to post this, just to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Kay Langford

Guess I'm too late...(or early) for a Christmas wish.
Thank you for keeping this tradition.

LTC Langford was my father....I admired and adored him.
Wish you all could have just sat with me a while, watched him think.

Though he spoke little of war, he mourned the loss of his fellow soldiers til his last breath.

But your story, it confuses me some...Dad was the best "hootch" drinker I ever knew!
Love & gratitude to all...


Patrick Lang


Your father was a great CO

Pat Lang

William R. Cumming

And Washington surprised the Hessians on Christmas day.

The Moar You Know

You posted this last year, and for all I know many years beforehand.

I will never, ever, ever get tired of reading it, and hope you do so again next year.

Merry Christmas, Colonel.

Patrick Lang


Sgts. Amos Hall and Ezekial Straw, my ancestors were in his army. I haven't quite figured out yet if they were at Trenton. "bloody foorprints in the snow." pl

William R. Cumming

Estimates that up to 1/2 of Washington's army had no shoes.

Charles I

Beautiful, and then Kay Langford humanizes the story yet more.

What a moving place SST can be. You make me sentimental over soldiers I don't know, or even know of.

Passed right by the Shrine twice going to the eclipse this week, which I observed from Mohawk territory - "in the moon of wintertime, when all the birds had fled.'

Although the eclipse set the whole forest, including wintering birds atwitter and amurmer in the most delightful way. Truly a worshipful moment.


Col Lang,

Great tradition and much appreciated every year.

Merry Christmas

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