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19 December 2019


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and a toast to the invaluable SST and its readers!!!


Merry Christmas to you and your family. You "old grouch".

Thanks you for the blog and all the work. It's an important voice. Even if I don't agree with you all the time.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Best wishes Pat and all who congregate here at SST.

Douglass Schumacher

Col. Lang,

I've come to see SST as a room in your home that you've kindly opened to us. I hope we don't track in too much mud!

Thanks for your hospitality and Merry Christmas to you, your family, and the many guests here.

Douglass Schumacher.

R Whitman

Merry Christmas all. I can remember as a kid, seeing reprints in the newspaper of Bill Mauldins cartoons. All my contemporaries at the time(5-10 year olds) avidly followed the war news in those days. The maps of the front page of the newspaper and Mauldins crtoons were inportant.


Merry Christmas to the Lang Family and to all here at SST. Remember those who are alone and forgotten this Christmas.

mac n.

Merry Christmas Colonel Lang,

Best Wishes for 2012.

Mac N.


A Merry Christmas to you and yours Col. Lang, and to all the participants of this excellent blog!

Charles I

Merry Christmas Pat. Thanks for all you do & share here, your patient realism & endearing tetchiness, er, ways.

Merry Christmas or whatever you believe in to all, and a prayer for those remembered by Jake above. Please donate some cash to your local food bank - they need a lot of cash for baby/infant formula, and many are markedly below seasonal goals and past year's take this year.


Merry Christmas to Colonel Lang and family and to all readers of SST.

May 2012 be a "normal" year, uneventful, boring even.

My favorite uncle served in the 45th Division, 1944-45. May he rest in peace.


My best wishes for Christmas to you, Mr. Lang, and your family. Your blog is a treasure, and I want to express my delight over the fine writing you and your friends have put online over the last weeks. It was a joy to read. Thanks.

I extend these thanks and my best wishes to the fine SST crowd.

Merry Christmas!



Feliz Natal.

Yes, may the upcoming year of '12 be one of dreary bore for all.

Anno Domini 2011 has been one with too much political theater.


On Christmas, 1945, William Stewart a sportswriter for the Memphis Commercial Appeal who was serving in India wrote the following column on the first "peacetime" Christmas. It has been published on the front page of the Memphis newspaper every Christmas since then.

It is worth a read.



merry christmas and a happy new year Colonel!


Pat & Maureen - Have a Blessed Christmas and all the best for 2012 plus a BIG THANK YOU for keeping this site alive and interesting.


La Fiesta
Happy Diaz


Merry Christmas Col. Lang and good cheer to all of your blog patrons.



Patrons? pl


I meant all of the folks who frequent this spot of the sanity. I think I was a little sleepy when I posted that awkwardly worded greeting.

Now take some time to enjoy a little eggnog with rum and a big slice of tourtiere.

Jezreel Ricafort

When i was young i thought santa claus is real, but it is good to think that santa claus is real without knowing that he is the parents who is giving gift to us when we are already sleep in christmas eve. But the bottom line is, whether it is real or not, our parents show to us the spirit of Christmas.


Feliz Navidad a Todos de SST!

Buzz Meeks

Best Wishes and a very Merry Christmas to all at SST. Thanks everyone and especially the proprietor for the crackling fire and illumination in this corner of the internets.

Buzz Meeks


I met Bill Mauldin a long time ago in Florida and he made a great impression on me. He was quite elderly by this time but his mind was as sharp as ever. At the time, I had no idea what he had accomplished. He was just a very interesting story teller, who also gave me some very good advise that I actually followed.

I wish everybody a nice Christmas and a happy new year from NJ, where I am visiting family.

Ishmael Zecheriah

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to All of SST and Col. Lang. May you and yours have serenity and peace.

Ishmael Zecheriah

(I found a copy of Mauldin's book "Up Front; Holt, 1945" in the book exchange bin at the Los Alamos Public Library last August. Some folks will discard anything!)


Merry Christmas!

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