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01 December 2019


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Mr Habakkuk - I don't have your panoramic view of the affair, nor your encyclopaedic knowledge of the by now bewildering number of characters who've tumbled out on stage since that "Steele dossier" first became public. There is, however, a point that stood out for me. Here is what you have suggested before and restate above -

"It looks as though the current strategy of the conspirators, on both sides of the Atlantic, is to make Steele the ‘patsy’, thereby making it possible for the full scale of the conspiracy to remain disguised."

Perhaps casting Steele as the lone fall guy is proving difficult.  The trouble is that wherever one finds Steele, as often as not Sir Richard Dearlove is there looking over his shoulder.

For a man of the shadows Sir Richard gets a respectable amount of publicity.  He's been around.  A senior posting to Washington. Then gets to be "C" no less. Slapped down in the Chilcot report for accepting the WMD dossier too readily, so a reliable man when it matters.

A heart to heart with Steele in Autumn 2016.  And the odd Lokhova business that you have focused on in the past.  A little downmarket for Le Carre, perhaps, that Lokhova business, but all in a day's work if one is reliable  -

"“It has been reported that Sir Richard Dearlove, on the urgings of Prof. Halper, has apparently reported me to US authorities as a Russian spy. The accusation is demonstrably false,” Lokhova wrote to Cambridge’s vice chancellor, asking for an investigation of Halper and Dearlove’s “malign” and “covert” activities."


With a fair bit more on Sir Richard's activities in that "Courtlistener"


All public record.  And lots more.  I'm not entirely sure that in Sir Richard's case Google is his friend:-

"“Sir Richard Dearlove’s personal intervention, and its urgency, gave added weight to a (WMD in Iraq) report that had not been properly evaluated and would have coloured the perception of ministers and senior officials. The report should have been treated with caution,”

"In a glowing profile of Steele in The New Yorker on March 12, 2018, Dearlove described Steele’s reputation as “superb.” He told The Washington Post that Steele was the “go-to person on Russia in the commercial sector.”"

"Dearlove has also offered glowing endorsements for Halper, a veteran of three Republican presidential administrations who has contracted with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment..."He is a well-regarded academic who is also a patriot,” Dearlove told The Washington Post in a June 8, 2018 article, shortly after the revelation that Halper was a longtime FBI and CIA informant."




And as much more as one has patience for.

If that's available at a mouse click then it's not possible for the Washington heavyweights, with staffers coming out of their ears, not to know all that and much more.

Therefore as you suggest the London end of the Steele affair is being overlooked for political reasons.  Since full disclosure of what happened at that London end would not only blow HMG out of the water but would also imperil the intelligence links between the two countries, such unraveling of the Steele affair as will occur will have to skirt round any account of Sir Richard's contribution.

Unless it gets to be really heavy in Washington.  Is that likely?  

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