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19 November 2019


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Diana C

Barr gives me hope that my grandchildren may grow up in a country that is still founded on the Constitution.

Barbara Ann

Heroes of the Republic should drink together, come what may. I pray you are right LJ.

Bill H

It was a fine speech, but it was made to a private audience and not reported to any significant degree by the media. I saw nothing in it to give me any hope that actual action will be taken against those who are participating in the coup against the properly elected president of this nation.


AG Barr's speech is definitely worth one's time to watch/listen or read. It's an excellent history lesson not to mention a kick in the radical Left's derriere.

It seems many in the alt news arena are placing bets on the IG's Report as well but I haven't seen a fine bottle of bourbon as the prize...very classy. If I were to place a bet my money would be on the IG fully exposing the entirety of this coup cooked up by Brennan (approved by Obama), simmered by Comey and team then carried out by the Resistance cadre.

It's unimaginable to believe Horowitz, let alone Barr, would whitewash or go half way when detailing such an extremely significant political event in our countries history. It's also impossible to right any of this mess without full disclosure which then must lead to holding accountable those who deliberately intended to harm this country and The President.

Here's to hoping Barr/Horowitz and team adhere to the DOJ/FBI's motto - Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity...


It was an impressive address. Hard to work up hope when so many parts of government that should ne helping are corrupted, though.


Hey Larry what fine bourbon do you recommend...



The proof will be in the pudding. It seems the IG report will be released after Thanksgiving. Considering the previous report that Horowitz issued where the executive summary said something similar to Comey’s exoneration of Hillary, it will be interesting to see the tone of this report.

Barr made a fine speech but talk is cheap. What has he done to clean up his own department? Roger Stone was arrested by a SWAT team in a dramatic made for TV show and has now been convicted of lying. Why hasn’t the same standard been applied to all the muckety mucks in DC?

Larry Johnson

Pappy Van Winkle.


All useless noise without real action.
Doubt Barr will do anything of substance.


An excellent choice, if you can get it.


Pappy Van Winkle 23 year old 2016 750 ml $3,899.99

Wow! You guys are definitely playing hardball.

English Outsider

I don't think I've ever seen such an impressive overview of the constitutional background before. It applies to both sides of the Atlantic but more chance of it resulting in something concrete on yours. The video contains some interesting asides that are not in the printed transcript, in particular a reference to Trump's style of leadership and a dig at the convoluted legislation that sometimes emerges from Congress.

I was more interested in the constitutional implications of the lecture, but your article above poses the urgent question arising from it. AG Barr has nailed his colours to the mast and cleared the decks for action. Is that all, or will action follow?

Barbara Ann

For what this bet represents - hopefully a first step towards saving the Republic, the stake seems wholly appropriate.


The size of the forum seems less important to me than the quality of audience members.

Were the founders of the US Republic many? Were they insignificant people? Were they ignorant of their own faults and the likely faults of their interlocutors?

The reaction to Barr’s comments will be telling in real time. Not TV or internet instant demand reaction time. Cattle are not the only creatures which have to ruminate, I think. The implications of Barr’s remarks have to be digested by folks accustomed to being surrounded by lackeys.


Obama perfected Cloward-Pivens strategies to get what he wanted starting back in 2008.

Obama storm-troopers would over-whelm local elections offices flooding them the voter registration requests they knew included fake registrations, just in order to prevent proper vetting of each registrant which allowed a lot of fraudulent voters to get a free pass.

Cloward-Pivens is intended to overwhelm a system "legally" to render it ineffectual. They are doing the same now with "expanded" voting rights like vote-harvesting and same day registration.

Just one more part of the Democrats use of Saul Alinksy Rules for Radicals. Glad Barr pointed all of this intentionally obstructionist out in such direct and data backed terms. We indeed are a fragile republic - losing a shared ethical common denominator every day - diversity is not our strength - in fact, it exposes our endemic weaknesses the more we move from the Founders values into third world values.


Am guessing that win or lose a bottle of Jefferson's bourbon is destined for Col. Lang, correct?


'If' the 'Establishment' [aka Deep state] decided to prosecute its own, it would have been setting a dangerous precedence for themselves, and I fear that is the reason for the slow, s-l-o-w roll out, instead of prompt arrest, jail, prosecute, and upon conviction they become Bubb'a shower soap.

I hate to say it, but I fear that the Colonel is right, nothing will be done with all this. It's all circus meant to distract us and get our hopes up.



Why do you think that?


Why do you think the bet is with LJ?


I hope you win your bet Larry. Without enforcement, what good are laws?

And I swear, if the malefactors get away with what they've done, at the very least I'll join others to march on Washington in protest. Wars aside, this is THE worst political scandal of my lifetime - a nightmare come true of the US government at its most corrupt and tyrannical.

Jim Ticehurst

I can feel it...The Shock..The Awe....and Double Hammers (thanks Doc) for Clean Up..


Ok off topic but vindman keeps mentioning "government interagency".what is that.?


Altho multiple bets are possible, I agree with tidewater -

"I have a side bet with a friend. I no longer believe that the duopoly of parties in the US will indict anyone over the matter of this article.

I hope I lose the bet." pl (Nov 17 2019)

"I have bet a bottle of fine bourbon with a wise hero of our Republic that high level people will be indicted. " - LJ (Nov 19 2019)

I will be 78 on the 31st. I attribute my longevity to; the right genes. a robust outdoor life in youth, and a steady regime of cigars, bourbon and red meat. pl (May 25 2018)

However a commenter named Jack did once mention getting Pappy's for his birthday.



Buffalo Trace is the poor man's Pappy's.




The Borg.

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