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14 November 2019


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Karen Dalrymple Rosenheimer

I read this article through the link listed in the American Thinker article "The silly sanctification of Marie Yovanovitch". I clicked on the Larry C. Johnson link referenced in that story. I shared the American Thinker article on my Facebook page without issue. I also then tried to share this article by Larry "Understanding the Foreign Service Officer Nerd Behavior" to my Timeline and FB removed it! I have no idea why it was removed. FB removed it without notice to me & it even disappeared from my activity log; as if it never happened.


Sharyl Attkisson lays it all out, simply and clearly:

Trump was not engaging in irregular conduct in Ukraine. It was Schiff's string of in-house witnesses who were were dealing in extra-legal shadow diplomacy, sabotaging the President swith their own personal agenda


Well done, Sharyl.


Is Atlantic Council still the news and politics editor for Facebook?

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