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24 November 2019


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John A

Christopher Steele had close links with Pablo Miller, Papa Skripal's MI6 minder. Steele had been persona non grata in Russia for a long time. Joining the dots, it is quite possible that Skrypal played a big role in obtaining the 'information' in the Steele dossier as he still had connections in Russia but obviously was unable to go to Russia. If so, Skripal had to be silenced by MI6/CIA/FBI to stop him spilling the beans, especially as he wanted to return to Russia. Skripal has been silenced, and Russia conveniently blamed for his 'poisoning'. Find Skripal and the dodgy secrets behind the Steele report may well come out into the open.


.......or better still, Trump orders the U.S. military to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth. ...And says the same will happen to any other country who meddles in American elections.

Seamus Padraig

Just curious: can anyone here list all 17 of our intelligence agencies? I can't get past 8 or 9.


Thank you, Sean Hannity, for your nonstop effort to publicize the truth from Day One.

Patrick Armstrong

I would be very surprised if there was anything in the Steele dossier that had an origin in Russia. It was all made up out of bits and pieces of fiction and rumours. I do suspect that Skripal was brought into it to make it sound more "Russian" in its wording.


If Justice is not exacted, then, when do we call 'tyranny', tyranny? I am reminded of these words from the Declaration of Independence, "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government". It seems that some significant altering and restructuring is in order. Yes, We the People must wake up and become engaged. My consent is waning.



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Call me naive, but I am still shocked at the level of coordination between 'respected' members of the media and the intel agencies. (or FBI) Any conscientious reporter could have seen the cracks in the 'Carter Page' story from the very beginning, but instead of expressing any doubts about the allegations, the media created one breathless article after another feeding the insane notion that the president of the United States was a Russian agent.

It's shocking.

Paul Damascene

I wish Barr's handling of the Epstein suicide / murder / disappearance inspired more confidence in him as someone willing to go up against the National Security State. The guy is just too connected, I fear.

Terence Gore

FBI,CIA,DIA,NSA,TSA,DHS,CBS,CNN,ABC,PBS,NFL,PGA,ABA,NBA,PBL,AMA,and the NHL is special .. you have to have the candanavians leave the building first

Paul Damascene

Patrick Armstrong --
I appreciate your work, notably the Russia Sitrep, which you seem to have some fun doing.

It feels as though this might be a propitious moment for some investigative journalism that would close the loop connecting OPCW chicanery in Syria and in Salisbury. It would appear that someone at the lab in Switzerland might have been trying to blow the whistle without getting disappeared...

John Merryman

I would like to see a reasonably comprehensive account of how much money ALL foreign governments spent to even remotely influence the 2016 election. I suspect Russia wouldn't make the top third, but would like to see the evidence.

Paul Damascene

Ha! that last one has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Red Menace over the past half century (and that agency at least is much the better for it).

Seamus Padraig



I wonder when the definition of a Confidential Human Source changed from someone with first hand knowledge of an event, to someone who repeats rumors he has heard from other people.


I agree with you. Hysteria in regard to all things Russia has been baked into Bureaucracies that should know better but choose not to because jobs depend on enduring stupidity; and baked in as well to our mindless MSM because collectively it is incapable of original independent thought. Hence, the idea that Putin can be blamed for just about anything and everything requires no evidence and has insidiously crept as a default truism even into quarters where there appears occasionally some evidence that the use of reason is valued.
I'm still waiting to see some real evidence of 'Nefarious Russia' in anything to do with so called Russiagate, and if any such exists, which I doubt, I would like to see it framed in a context of the actual realities that have marked our mutual relations since the end of Cold War I.


SEIU, AFSME, NEA, AFT, AGE, UAW ..................


Truth will out. It always does.


How did the government not have enough evidence to indict Carter Page? Warrants and indictments are both supposed to be based on probable cause. If the government had enough evidence to get a warrant, it should also have enough evidence for an indictment. After 4 FISA warrants the government should have had a mountain of evidence against Carter Page. Yet somehow there was still not enough for an indictment.

That doesn't make any sense. Unless investigating Carter Page wasn't the actual purpose of the FISA warrants.


How deep did the "two-step" spy reach go, when surveilling Carter Page through four FISA renewal periods - is that information ever made available?

Do they ever disclose names or content of others caught up in this one FISA approved point of entry?


The most plausible rationale I've seen for the entire Skripal Affair was that Sergei was making plans to return home permanently (Daughter, aging Mother etc)
Given the implausibility of numerous sub-elements in their response his intention must have caught the Brits on the hop.


ex PFC Chuck

You forgot MSDNC.


Slightly OT:

The prevaricator Glenn Simpson was on Meet The Press[titutes] this AM. He's apparently adopted the tactic of claiming he was duped by Russians in the lead up to the 2016 election. That Fusion GPS, the DNC, members of the US IC - all working to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016 - ACTIVELY SOUGHT AND SOLICITED foreign help to achieve their goal is being conveniently ignored by the MSM in order to resuscitate the Russian Hoax.

Who knows, there may have been some Russian disinformation included in the mix, but it's totally implausible that in pursuit of their goal to smear Donald Trump as Putin's Puppet, the malefactors didn't willingly and eagerly promulgate anything, no substantiation required, that supported their efforts.

Is a reason why Special Counsel Robert Mueller, after spending $30 million over a 2 year period incredibly claimed ignorance of Fusion GPS during his final appearance before Congress because he knows the FBI used Fusion GPS to help carry out its "insurance policy"?

Patrick Armstrong

Start here https://off-guardian.org/2018/04/17/spiez-laboratory-the-skripal-case-and-the-opcw/

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