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30 November 2019


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I came upon a large, female red tail hawk in my backyard today. As I was coming around back, the crows were raising a ruckus. As I passed between the deck and the gazebo, there she sat at the base of some hollies. I'd say she was two feet tall or so. She didn't take off until I was less than 20 feet away. She flew to a low branch of a crabapple tree. I had a straw broom in my hand and tapped the branch next to her feet before she took off. The crows stayed in contact as she eventually made her way out of my woods.

She was magnificent, but the smaller critters and birds in my backyard are under my protection. The hawks do get a few mourning doves over the Summers. Circle of life.I also set out seeds and suet and throw out a couple of hand fulls of peanuts to the squirrels and crows every morning. I put out apples and carrots at dusk for the deer even though it's illegal to do so in Virginia during hunting season. Screw dat. Ya can't hunt behind the houses anyways. I've gotten fairly close to a small herd as they feed.

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