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02 November 2019


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There’s a deal of patience in the dry stone walling to get it as neat and tidy as that, I can imagine leaves proving a bete noir beyond their Summer shade. A place for pleasure and satisfaction.


Pretty nice. What are the three busts on the shelf?



Dunno, my wife's stuff.


The real arborial challenge is a huge male American Holly that overhangs the whole thing and that sheds its leaves in late April.



That is not a plastic tablecloth. It is just something I put over the coffee table to get the sheet of plastic off the ground. We have three levels on the terrace. A dining table and chairs are on a lower level. My wife never cooks outside.


Favorite outdoor recipes? Please.



The Moroccan swordfish marinade I wrote of or a 3 to 6 bone American quality prime rib roast ("joint" for the English) done on the rotisserie for two hours. Leave the entire fat cap on to self baste the rotating meat. Keep all the bones while cooking. Embed garlic cloves in the meat. Rub it down with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Two hours turning gives a nice medium rare. Put quartered up small potatoes in a drip pan under the roast for the whole two hours. Turn over occasionally. The bones are the best part. Enjoy.


Beautiful and idyllic

Charlie Wilson

Livin' large colonel!


English Outsider

This is a step up from the improvised firebricks and charcoal that serve the Outsider household on occasion. Several steps up. I think in some mediaeval houses the entire kitchen was away from the house to minimise the fire risk. Disadvantage was the food got cold as it was carried in. But the table seems to show that angle's been covered as well.

I hope the eye operation went as planned.


Looks very nice.
Any idea on how much that affected the Alexandria assessment?



you can't see it from the street and they have never been in the house either.

Spotting Scopes

Beautiful outdoor kitchen !

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