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30 November 2019


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Excellent Orwellian dream Colonel. A lapse caught my attention, the president in your dream is not Osorio but Ocasio. Osorio is the second family name of Arana, a Guatemalan military strong man during the late 60’s and president during the early 70’s. Maybe it rang a bell on your dream, from cold war days. Taking the lapse a step forward let us change just one letter and it becomes Osario, that is Ossuary in english, a bone repository mountain sized with the countless victims of Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio. Bitter harvest half a century later for the unfortunate Central Americans.



Thanks. Laziness on my part. I was in Central America in the 60s and remember how appallingly the government behaved toward rural Indians.



I suppose that was my point?



How far do you think that the SB64 bucket of worms will get in your state's legislature? Do you think that the state government will allow Senator Louise Lucas's bill to become law? If so, then a lot of Virginians will become 'criminals' because of their knowledge of firearms and the martial arts.

How did Lucas manage to get elected? She sounds as bad if not worse than Maxine Waters (D-CA).



And who is going to stop the tax on 401k assets? All the retirees are going to say goodbye and move elsewhere?



What is needed is a statue to Travon Martin. Role model for what can be. Even Barack said he could have been Travon. It would be fitting in a lefty paradise.



"when they blow up" What year is that going to be and how will that happen? Tihange nuclear power station is not a graphite moderated design like Chernobyl. I certainly agree on coal ash, the coal fired plant in Norfolk used to leave flakes all across the base. Coal ash problems, though on a much smaller scale, existed on the site in Crystal River, with 4 coal plants near to the nuclear plant I worked in. SO2 scrubbers work wonders.




IMO there will at least initially be an all out press on the part of a radicalized General Assembly for cultural annihilation That will be resisted in the federal courts with unknowable results. There will also be a lot of resistance at the local level to things like gun confiscation, name changes, monument removal, etc.


I was there in 2006 and didn't notice it. Wish I had been there in the 1980's when it was like 'Paris in the Twenties', though I didn't know about that either. There is an encore on YouTube of the famous Romy Haag who started out in Holland as an Edouard, singing an encore to 'her' passionate 'Liber-tey, Egali-tey, Pfeffermintzee.' (Peppermint tea.) Short and kinda droll.

Mark Logan

I understood the termites as a metaphor, my reply was a metaphor too, albeit a clumsy one. My point was intended to be that the base condition is everybody needs to pay their bills, so there is an existential limit to the danger presented by their rhetoric.

Roughly the same thing is happening there that happened here, looks like. I think these Young Trotskyites are becoming acquainted to reality by means of trial and error. Hope so, anyway.


as far as the two plants in Belgium, it likely is just a matter of time, not an if but a when.

There have been two incidents of level 2 severity on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

On November 22, 2002 a pressure relief valve on the pressurizer inadvertedly opened while Tihange 2 was shut down. The reactor was being prepared to be restarted after a planned revision and refuel. While the pressure in the primary circuit was being increased to 155 bar one of the safety valves on the pressurizer inadvertedly opened leading to a quick decrease in pressure in the primary circuit.[27] The safety injection system activated as designed and injected cold water ending the transient.

On July 5, 2005 a relay of one of the six diesel generators of Tihange 2 was replaced. The device was not correctly tuned which meant that it would not be available during an accident, resulting in less redundancy.[28]


What went wrong there didn't need a Chernobyl type graphite moderation to get to level 2. Local irradiation nastiness is level 4. Level 3 is already "Near-accident at a nuclear power plant with no safety provisions remaining".

Level 4 means: "... At least one death from radiation ... Fuel melt or damage to fuel resulting in more than 0.1% release of core inventory ... Release of significant quantities of radioactive material within an installation with a high probability of significant public exposure."

Sellafield had some level 4 nastinesses. Neither level 2, level 3 let alone level 4+ are things one likes to happen in the extended neighborhood.

Chernobyl and Fukushima were level 7 - a "major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures."

English Outsider

From Windscale to Chernobyl there were always dedicated engineers, scientists and technicians around. Some, as in Chernobyl, real heroes who stuck to the job though they knew it was suicidal.

Behind them these dedicated personnel had an administrative apparatus, funding, and lots of little things that made a difference - access to site, supplies, no fear for their own security.

Presumably none of that perfect, sometimes approaching a shambles, but it was always there.

Building nuclear power stations in parts of the world that might have none of all this is plain dumb. That is what we in the West are set on doing in many unstable areas and neither we nor the Russians should be doing it.


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