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28 November 2019


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Happy thanksgiving all. I am grateful for many things, among them the opportunity to be continually educated by the committee. This year I would especially like to be thank Tyler for demonstrating how often the classics matter.


But the phrase Action/Accion de Grâce/Gracias sounds rather Catholic to me.

Considering your above linked cartoon, as a kid the Eucharist felt uncomfortably cannibalistic to me too. Ok, maybe cannibalistic wasn't really the first thing that came to mind. What about the teeth, maybe? ... That problem no doubt is a lot lesser with a turkey. ;)



You are unfamiliar with the overwhelmingly Catholic nature of French Canada? The Eucharist is "cannibalism?" I require respect here for the religious beliefs or lack of them of others, even those of Germans protestants. pl


You are unfamiliar with the overwhelmingly Catholic nature of French Canada?

Not really. ... But surely not as familiar of the larger context in Canada (the US?) as you want me to be. Québécois?

Today it reminded me of the Protestant priest, once upon the time, that had put his newborn child among the usual items celebrating harvest, thanking for it, in other words. He had to leave his parish shortly after. The church council got rid of him. ...

Second, I was once again not realizing that this is not a recent contribution. And please don't ask me why. But this is a distinct memory around my first communion. Really felt a little uncomfortable, what do with the teeth. ...

I should give up wasting your time.



You are supposed to chew the host. The over all religiosity of Canada has little to do with that of Quebec. pl


The over all religiosity of Canada has little to do with that of Quebec. pl

didn't suppose it did was. ... But no, I never was familiar with the larger struggle, beyond glimpses....

Did I miss the deeper and more important layers of Art Buchwald's tale? That wouldn't be a surprise to me.


I was approaching Medicare when I fully took aboard the realization that I am a first generation American. We had ravioli and braciole before the turkey course.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Col. for this Committee, and to all those American who took the risks and the efforts to create this USA, warts and all.


Hi Pat,

Thanks ever so much for sharing that! First read it in Heidelberg back in the 60's back when it was originally published in the Trib. Loved it then and love re-reading it again.

Priscilla and John's daughter Elizabeth is buried in my wife's family burial ground in Little Compton, Rhode Island (my wife's ancestors came over on the Mayflower and settled there back in the mid-1600's). Just sent the Buchwald piece to our children who summered in Little Compton and just celebrated our family Thanksgiving with us there.

Thanks again and hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Hello again. Elizabeth Alden is my 8th great grandmother. pl

Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang and all of SST,
Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Ishmael Zechariah

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang et. al.,

Happy Jour de Donnant Merci! I have a rather dim recollection of reading the original column in the Washington Post in ca. 1964. Does that sound Right?



My bride is in the kitchen now whipping up the meringuée topping for the pie. Not by hand, but she is using a 50-year old electric beater by GE that she bought in the PX back when the kids were just babies.


Does this help answer your question? http://tinyurl.com/y9cdfnn8
Click on the link with the newspaper column: 'On the fourth of November, 1953, his “Europe’s Lighter Side” column was a Frenchified fractured fairy-tale explanation of the day, le Jour de Merci Donnant, populated with Pilgrims (Pèlerins) and Indians (les Peaux-Rouges) in le Nouveau Monde.'

dilbert dogbert

Here is a bit of Thanksgiving history from Brad Delong"

The Harper's were from the Plantation of Ulster and the Powell's were English. Also have McKeons, MacFersons and Sellers wandering around in the gene pool.
The Harper's left Ulster for America when the English landlords found the Irish would pay higher rents. They came as whole family units with livestock and all.
Great grandpa McKeon came to California in the gold rush. Too bad he did not write of his history. I sometimes my weird character comes from the mixture of the Orange and the Green.
Had a nice day with a couple of of the children and a grand child.


Up here in Canada, we do Thanksgiving in October. The Quebecers call it "Action de Grace..." which sounds a little like a French Kung Fu move.


Funny. All it reminds me of is "The Knife" by Peter Gabriel and Genesis.


Based solely on the fact that my Italian mother had a 'cherry nose', I've convinced myself we are descended from Cicero.

Buon giorno del ringraziamento, Col. Lang and All.

Terence Gore

Art Buchwald Mon Dieu!

Takes me back to the days of my newspaper route.

found this quote through google another of my favorite columnists

"Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence."

Erma Bombeck


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


2 years already since I last saw this,and 5 since I first saw it! Happy thanksgiving to all


Always suspected that you were an in-bred lot across the pond. Happy Thankgiving to you all.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone



Another humorless prig heard from.


Dear Colonel, Thanks for the nostalgic trip through Thanksgiving (comments) pasts.

I have coho salmon and local rock fish filets ready to grill, while the wife put together Cacciucco (Italian fish soup), all from the local fish market (supporting local fishermen).

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Seems the President flew to Mar-a-Lago, dropped off his wonderful family and flew on to Afghanistan. He is there now.

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