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10 November 2019


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I'm willing to bet those "loans" are forgived, meaning they weren't in fact loans but a way to fund Values United.


Most impressive Mr. Johnson. H/t to your lurkers/readers as well -



I applaud THIS whistleblower's effort. Great points are made in the complaint. Although, the CTH item you linked to does a good job of connecting ICIG Atkinson, the complaint's addressee, to DOJ "insurance policy" plotters, so I fear he'll stonewall.

I commented on another thread a few weeks ago that the trend of crowdfunding incentivizes corruption: I've read that the woman who smeared Judge Kavanaugh got over a million dollars in a GoFundMe effort, even though she had absolutely no proof to back up her claims and her own witnesses refuted her testimony. It's a sinister trend that should be unlawful IMO.

Rebecca Wick

Not likely anymore.


Eric Ciaramella Was Hosting 2016 WH Meeting Where Ukrainian Officials Were Told to Drop Investigation on Hunter Biden

[According to White House visitor logs Eric Ciaramella was hosting the January 19, 2016 White House meeting where Ukrainian officials were told to drop the investigation into Hunter Biden.]




There's a Russian singer (one of my favorites) named Lolita. She sang a song called 'The Titanic' three years ago, which IMHO find relevant to today's circus by Schiff and his brood. In one word, a cluster.

Lolita's The Titanic

Лолита - На Титанике

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