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29 November 2019


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I like to eat. Agriculture depends on stable local/regional climate patterns. AGW leads to regional/local Climate Changes, reducing predictability. When ya gonna plant this year?



Looks like Pelosi failed to read her memo from the President, that we are no longer in the deranged Paris Accord. But Pelosi and her vagrant vagabond Congressional clique locked their lips to the backsides of globalists at the Madrid Conference, making them assurances she nor her cohorts can keep.

Pelosi is a real sad case, real sad case.


chris moffatt

It isn't climate change that will kill us all but I don't hold out much hope for the survival of the majority when we are forced to live in our unheated, darkened houses the food distribution system (dependent on fossil fuels) having collapsed about our ears and no clean water available (no municipal pumps working - fossil fuels you see) and with no viable transportation, no access to life-saving medications etc. The green paradise is what will do us in.

chris moffatt

If temperature were the only factor affecting tree ring growth dendrochronology would be on to something, but it isn't. That's why Professor Mann wasn't able to use tree ring data from his own series to plot the final forty years of his hockey stick graph. Known as "Mike's nature trick"; look it up. Or was the tree ring data actually correct and there wasn't actually the claimed warming? so hard to tell in these days of irreproducible results.

Diana C

I believe you did not mention my favorite of the many concerns I endured while in my undergrad years: the population explosion that was going to result in our having nothing to eat but "soylent green."

I felt all along it was really made up by those who were pushing the right to use birth control and to choose abortion. There were many printed stories of poor Catholic women forced into early graves from having too many children and working so hard to keep them fed and clothed. (At one time, I almost felt that Obama was trying to re energize those fears. While I was not against birth control, I was also not sure that having a lot of kids was a bad thing. My great aunts and uncles were "kinderreich," many of them having ten or more children. Those children were an asset to them on their farms in Russia and in the early years as American immigrants.

I once asked a mathematician if he thought that the calculations were correct. He did not think so. My own thought was that at some point in our society it became necessary to limit the number of children in a family--but for economic reasons since living the American dream had become so expensive.

But I have many fond memories of holiday gatherings with my thirty-five cousins--a small number compared to the number of my mother's and father's cousins.

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