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05 November 2019


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Eric Newhill

There is a vast array of money laundering enterprises throughout the country, but especially in the Southwest and in California. This is everything from high end California real estate and the LA garment district, to Gymnasium franchises to restaurant chains, to heavy equipment sales, you name it. The illicit drug trade - and associated money laundering - is a big part of the CA economy (not to mention to the cheap labor that is also smuggled by the same cartels). This is another reason that I'm pretty sure that money filters up to the open borders Democrats, like Pelosi.

Some cash is simply smuggled back to the Mexican side of the border by normal smuggler means.

Some banks have been implicated and some banks have been fined for participating, but there is a lot more diverse businesses involved.


Hindsight Observer

Trying to be brief on a subject far to encompassing...my apologies.

JSOC Raids, unsanctioned by the host nation, inside a neutral nation: Blur the line between law enforcement and military intervention.
Mexico's current situation presents a threat (some will argue the degree of such). Which is based solely, on the Mexican government's support for America's Narcotic habit. My opinion is, Americans simply do not wish to have their source of narcotics, hindered.

U.S. Consumers, are oblivious to the dangers associated with narco-trafficking. Those dangers take place only in the third world and large urban areas of America. Americans have willful disregard, the misery and murder associated with drugs. This has been true for fifty years or more. Currently Americans are suggesting methods of nationwide legalization and the marketing of their drugs, on the scale of Amazon, with associated Free Drone Deliveries. No one would tolerate US Military intervention, as I said the time for that was 1989 or so.

If my understanding of the AUMF is correct? The resolution authorizes use of military force. Only, involving terrorist organizations as they relate to the attacks of 11SEP01. If you're opposition to US Troops in Iraq is accurate. How could JSOC's Duck Hunting efforts in Syria, much less in Mexico. Possibly fall under the Patriot Act and the AUMF ? IMO, it can not. That Sir is my reasoning for not having US Troops involved in narcotics interdiction efforts inside foreign nations.

Additionally, I have no fantasies about CIA, or any US Agency willfully being involved in narcotics trafficking. Though history has proven, narcotic's addiction to corrupt the corruptible.

As to Bankers and Financiers being willing co-conspirators though, that much is established fact in history. Again here I cite the need for FinCen.

Brennan, IMO, believed he could blur the lines of law enforcement, into a domestic spying op, against a political enemy. He and others I believe, have now been caught up in their crimes. The adjudication of such, we all await.

Mexico, I believe poses no transnational threat to America. Certainly nothing that would justify the infiltration of JSOC Operators, into a sovereign nation. To do so, would require blurring the lines between law enforcement and the use of military force.

YES, I'm aware of those who have previously assisted, DEA in their investigations inside foreign nations. As well as DoD's current Interdiction efforts on our borders. However, this suggestion brings US intervention to an entirely different level. Much more intrusive to Mexico, than assisting or affecting arrests. One that would never be supported by the government of Mexico, for drug money pays their bills as well.

With respect Boss, your timing is either 30 years to late, or five years to early. Depending upon the events of next years election. We could soon all be buying stock in Escobar's revenge. A subsidiary of CVS-Walmart. Which now delivers, the narcotic of your choice, straight from the mountains of MedellĂ­n directly to your front door.

Hindsight Observer

Understood TTG, however sending in a stand alone covert force for gathering SA. Doesn't quite create the same ambiance in a small town. As when Cartel HVT's known to everyone in the area. Suddenly start popping up, with their pumpkin seeds on the sidewalk. After the 2nd or 3rd one,telephones start to ring and people start to figure out, Hey it's not us, so who is it?

The ability of the Cartels to create horrendous acts of violence, in a small town or major city. Much like the campaign against French resistance, would cause every set of eyes in the given area, to rapidly locate the source of the violence.

The risk IMO out-ways the reward. The task dictates a minimum of personnel, while the exposure mandates maximum protection. While as I mentioned to the Colonel. As suddenly as next year, this could all be legal on America. Making the Cartels, the cover page of Fortune 500.

Eric Newhill

Interesting story re; the LeBaron family, Mormons and Cartels from 2012.



Hindsight Observer



Thank you, I had heard them before. I prefer el Cigala's voice.

Did you know an Iranian had invented the precursor of the guitar in al Andulus - Zaryab?

In regards to the numbers, I will beaker with you: you had quoted these figures in order to support your contentions - which were not supported even with revised figures that I had furnished.

Empirically, you are wrong: in the United States, it was precisely during the years of post-World War II stability, prosperity, and an economic rocket ride when tens of millions of Americans decided that drugs were cool.

It was during the years of peace and prosperity following the death of Shah Abbas the First that so many in the Safavid Empire - from top to bottom - indulged their appetites in "bang" and "chers". So much so that when a small Pushtun tribe's rebellion destroyed the empire.

People get bored quickly and will use all manners of diversions to alleviate it. That is the basic explanation; e.g. the indigenous people in the Americas drank themselves to death after the arrival of the Europeans.

I think the people between the Urals to the Atlantic Ocean, over millennia, have developed physiological and social responses to deal with alcohol. Most other people in the world cannot deal with it. And neither group can hold their drug.

But we are living in a self-indulgent age in which the doctrines of human freedom are hijacked in support of human license.

Can Spain, or the United States, endure as functioning states if 10% of their populations were to be drug addicts?

I think not, but many in US disagree and propose to run a vast experiment to validate the opposite.



Did you see where members of Mitt Romney's family in Mexico were murdered by the Drug Cartels.

Backgrounder on the Romney clan south of the border:




The murders by the Cartels:


The Governor of Sonora comments on the murders:

You hit the nail on the head. It's time JSOC's mission was eradication of the cartels south of our borders, since the Mexican Government can't handle such a mission, and the Cartels are a 'direct threat' to U.S. National Security.


Ron Unz addressed this awhile ago: http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-the-power-of-organized-crime/
Basically, all of California politics / upper class is mired in Mafia money of one sort or another. The California Mafia has made itself respectable, but it is still there. They have enmeshed themselves deeply into the Hollywood (and probably Silicon Valley) money elite. That they may be deeply involved in the Mexico drug trade is highly likely.
The Chinese brought along the Triad angle, too.


NXIVM is funded by one of the Mafia billionaires' children. Hence, NXIVM is a Mafia-related project. And incidentally deeply enmeshed into Mexico's elite. Very complex web of associations.

And then, of course, there's the Qanon and Neon Revolt's take on the polygamists, which ties into this. If we are thinking about the Deep State.


Back in 2017, many people were arguing for legalization.
Now we know what happens with Legalization. California tacked on so much tax to the legal Marijuana trade, that the illegal Marijuana importation exploded. Turns out that the Mexican cartels are making more money than ever in California.

"Legalization will solve problems." They definitely have not met California Democrats.


I must disagree with you.

Every string instrument with the post-fix "tar" (string in Persian) was invented in Iran.

Ummayad court in Al Andalus was not cosmopolitan in the sense that you are using; it was against Christians for certain. And Zaryab fled to Andalusia out of fear for his life.

Everything in Spain that is working today is because of Franco and his reforms.

Now to come and accuse the dead man, who cannot defend himself, that he bears responsibility for the individual choices of people in Basque-istan - that is just plain silly.

Armenians were in fact forced by Shah Abbas I to relocate to an area near Isfahan. That settlement was called Julfa after the city of the same name in Armenia.

The forced migration was a standard practice of Near Eastern potentates and kings. In this case, it was not for punishment; Shah Abbas was so impressed by the artisan-ship and work ethic of Armenians that he wanted to use them to impress something of those qualities on the Persians in the interior of Iran.

Later, during the siege of Isfahan by Afghan tribes - that community had to supply a certain number of nubile young girls and boys for the sexual pleasures of the Afghans as war booty - to stay almost certain sacking of Julfa.

Centuries later, Armenians fleeing the massacres by Ottomans fled to Iran as well.

But here is the crucial fact about Armenians in Iran (and in Syria and in Lebanon) - they maintain their language and religion, they are tri-lingual (Armenian, Persian/Arabic, English) but they are not going around like Kurds, or the Basque, or the Catalans whining about the violations of their supposed cultural rights, murdering their fellow citizens, trying to destroy the state.

What does this lack of hope mean? Even people in the concentration camps were not devoid of hope. I think you are trying to excuse weaknesses of people and put it on the shoulder of the governments.

In Bam, 50% of the adult population was addicted or habitual user. Was it the fault of the Islamic Republic?

Where is the individual choice in this?

Where is individual responsibility?

Look at Mexico, the more democratic she has become, the worse the drug problem there.


I was a gifted child too at one time; still I am a nobody.


US has not been able to destroy the "Cartels" in Afghanistan, I doubt that she could do so in Mexico.



It is not a question of "destroying" them. what we must do is cripple them and make the business unprofitable because of the high likelihood of death by JSOC.



Strange! The same thing happened to me.

JP Billen

Caucasus? I was taught that Basques were the remnants of the original Europeans from the late paleolithic era. All the rest, including the Indo-Europeans, were what we call "Johhny-come-latelies". Are you saying there is now DNA or linguistic evidence suggesting a Caucasus link? When would that have happened?

Babak Makkinejad

No, you write of things that you know nothing of, that is quite evident. Hope is the essential quality for Life, and unlike wealth, it is distributed quite evenly. That sentence indicates that you know nothing of lufe as is lived. If you are indeed a woman, you almost certainly have never been pregnant or have had a child. Write of things that you know something.

Babak Makkinejad

Catalans, like the South Carolinians, have the distinction of having a civil war ignited by their ancestors.

In both cases, did some foreign power csuse them to do so? I think not.

Babak Makkinejad

I know you are young and childless. That is quite clear.

I am not raging, I just am too old to suffer fools with equanimity.

Babak Makkinejad

It is an Indo-European language. That qas finally established this year.

Babak Makkinejad

Irrelevant. Many in Bam decided to use drugs. They owned it.

Babak Makkinejad

Nah, they just wanted to get high, knowing full well that the Islamic Republic's social security policies would not let them and their families starve to death. That other Iranians, would, in effect, subsidize their habit.

You and others on this topic always deny human choice.

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