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21 November 2019


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Slightly off topic: I have been reluctantly listening to the hearings in front of the Star Chamber of the House. A thing I didn't know (but should have) and learned from the hearings: Ambassador Volker finds it totally unremarkable that a Ukrainian official would come to him for editing and approval of a public statement by the Ukrainian government. I think the foreign service needs a similar cleaning of the Augean Stables.


Sorry to repeat the gist of a lighthearted comment I made recently on this subject. But I am beginning to think that the social Class that essentially runs the Nation, (they call themselves the Meritocracy, I call them the managerial Class) and their bureaucratic minions that work for them, the Admin State, have decided to 'replace the people', as opposed to reforming the bureaucracy.


The Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 weaponized the "replacement strategy", every "this is the last one, honest injun" amnesty advanced the agenda. Divide (dilute) & conquer, an old play.


and don't we JJ, have a living, breathing, example of how this can play out? California.


Ja, if they feel sullied being in the US, let 'em go. Off the hook when the Big One hits, make 'em pay for their water, get rid of Schiff, Pelosi. HARDENED BORDER. Ta ta, Comrades.


Ditch 'em now before the libs realize their future, no immigration for them. Otherwise it's N.Virginia; they nring their politics, and you're screwed.

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